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Marriage Enrichment

48 Hours - 1 p.m. Friday to 1 p.m. Sunday

On Marriage Enrichment weekends ten couples have the opportunity to explore proven ways to keep their marriage growing while dealing with the inevitable conflicts found in any intimate relationship.  This weekend helps participants explore the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of their marriage and enrich an already healthy relationship.

Invest in your marriage!  On this event, couples experience a safe and relaxed environment in which they can fall in love all over again.  Rediscover the foundations of your relationship, develop new skills, and learn from other couples.  This weekend has it all for you and your spouse. If this weekend sounds interesting to you, visit us at Admin II, G-056 (Capo).

Participant Checklist

We Provide:

  • Transportation

  • Lodging and Linens

  • Meals from dinner Friday through lunch Sunday


You Should Bring:

  • Casual civilian clothes appropriate for the anticipated weather conditions

  • Appropriate attire for a romantic evening meal at a good restaurant

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Personal toiletry items

  • Insect repellent (Summer)

  • Euro for sodas / café

  • Your favorite snacks

  • Valid ID card

  • Pen and notebook

Please Do Not bring:

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Reading/writing material (exception: Devotional materials / Scriptures)

  • Musical instruments, radios, cassette players, etc.

  • Your children! (CREDO does not provide child care services)


Other Important Information:

  • Be Committed and Open - Be open to an honest look at your marriage, to participating fully in all exercises and activities provided by CREDO, and to negotiating needed changes with your spouse.

  • Be Yourself - CREDO weekends are designed to create a community of trust and concern among participants. Therefore, we try to remove the barriers that may separate us. Please address fellow participants by first name only and avoid all discussion of military rank and "shop talk."

  • Respect for others - Please respect the privacy of others while at the retreat site.

  • Phones - A telephone is available for emergency calls only. Emergency messages from friends and family should go through the NSA Quarterdeck at Commercial 568-5547 or DSN 626-5547.

  • Parking - For Naples Area retreats, it may be easier to have someone drop you off at the CREDO Center. If you drive, please park in the parking garage at the East end of Capodichino.

Question: What one thing did you like about the retreat?

Participant Responses:

  • "The times spent with my wife and also sharing my feelings with her"

  • "The tools we were given to enhance our marriage"

  • "The structure of the workshop, one session built on the other and allowed reluctant couples to really open up"

  • "Private issues discussed with my spouse"

  • "The sessions that share your thoughts with your spouse"

  • "Communication with wife"

  • "It was a break from our normal routine. Confidentiality"

Question: What did you get out of the weekend?

Participant Responses:

  • "Awareness of the way to a better marriage through communication, love and understanding"

  • "Quality time with my spouse communicating"

  • "A fresh perspective on my marriage / better focus / New life! An already good marriage was made better and stronger"

  • "How to improve myself to help make my marriage even better!"

  • "Time spent with my spouse without interruptions"

  • "How to communicate more clearly and effectively with my spouse, and how to put a finger on my needs and express them"

  • "Better knowledge of the wants and needs of my spouse"

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