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Personal Travel

Per CNSRFINST 3502.1C, COMUSNAVEUR will NOT modify return travel arrangements for the convenience of the member. Since U.S. sponsorship of member ends upon expiration of official orders, the potential exists for the member being considered unauthorized by host government to remain in country - especially if they entered only on their orders (without passport/visa stamp). In compliance with Force Protection Instructions, Reservists traveling on military orders are directed to wear "low-profile" travel garments and luggage. Avoid ball caps and garments with American logos and/or messages. Avoid use of military type luggage, such as flight bags and seabags.

It is STRONGLY recommended Reservists do NOT bring dependents with them on Annual Training. Because this is a Spanish Naval Base and NOT an American base, access to the base is limited to Military and Civilian personnel and their family members ON OFFICIAL ORDERS.

Access to the base for family members of a Reservist will be VERY LIMITED, and will require an excessive amount of time that will take away from both training and contributory support during the work day. To get family members on base, a special base pass must be requested from Base Security at least two days in advance. The guest (family member) then has to be escorted at all times while on-base. In addition, because family members are not here on official orders, American Military medical care could be limited to emergencies only, with the guest (family member) then possibly have to be transferred to a local Spanish hospital (depending on the situation). The guest (family member) would not have access to the Navy Exchange or Commissary unless an NEX/DECA pass is obtained, and even then they would have to be escorted and could not make any purchases.

The above restrictions are NOT defined by the American Commanding Officer. They are a result of the Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between Spain and the United States.

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