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Air and Port Operations

Check out what our Operations Department can do!

Air Operations

Click through the tabs below for more information about NSA Naples' Air Operations Department and offered services.


Air Operations

(LIRN) Napoli/Capodichino is, by definition, a State Civilian Airport open to civilian/military traffic. The regulations governing its use are per the existing International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Italian Air regulations.
The U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) is part of an Italian Air Force area of Capodichino Airport ceded in use to U.S. Navy.
The U.S Naval Support Activity, Naples Commanding Officer is responsible for the Operation, in accordance with ICAO and Italian Air regulations, of all aircraft using the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2).
The Italian Base Commander is the clearance issuing authority for use the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2).
U.S. military and U.S. state aircraft can coordinate clearances to use U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) through U.S. Base OPS.
All other/non U.S. aircraft need to contact Italian Base OPS in order to coordinate/receive clearance for either the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) or the Italian Air Force ramp (MA1).
Contact Us
U.S. Base Ops Phone Numbers
DSN:  626-5223/5235
Comm:  011-39-081-568-5223/5235
Fax DSN:  626-5479
Comm:  011-39-081-568-5479
U.S. ATOC Phone Numbers
DSN:  626-5226/5224
Comm:  011-39-081-568-5226/5224
Military Mailing Address
U.S. Naval Support Activity
Air Terminal Office
PSC 817 Box 12
FPO AE 09622
Ordinary Mailing Address
U.S. Naval Support Activity
Viale Ruffo di Calabria
(Aeroporto di Capodichino)
80144 Napoli
Italian Base OPS
Base Operations Center (BOC) Phone Numbers
Phone Comm: + 39-081-705-5444; + 39-081-705-5488
Fax Comm: + 39-081-705-5522


Arriving Aircraft

A "Follow-me" vehicle will meet all large aircraft at the throat to the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) area. Due to limited ramp space it is imperative that aircraft commanders follow all taxi signals precisely. Aircraft commanders unsure of signals shall come to a complete stop until a clear understanding between the aircraft and director is reached.
Commanders of aircraft Remaining-Over-Night (RON) on U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) shall keep Naples U.S. Base Operations and U.S. Air Terminal Operations Center informed at all times of where they can be reached. All transient pilots in command must contact U.S. Base Operations in person prior to commencing crew rest.
All transient Aircrews must report to U.S. Base Operations on the second floor of the Air Terminal to receive an Area Orientation Brief before leaving U.S. NSA Naples.


Communications and Frequencies

All frequencies needed for coordination between the Aircraft and U.S. Base Operations are: 118.275MHz/341.0MHz
Aircraft commanders shall pass estimated time of arrival (ETA), VIP movement information, fuel requirements and other pertinent data a minimum of 20 minutes before actual arrival at Capodichino airport, during their initial contact with U.S. Base Operations. Aircraft requiring 50000 lbs of fuel or more should request fuel 24 hours to arrival to avoid delays.
NOTE: The Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) is provided on frequency 135.975 MHZ.


C-5 Aircraft Handling

All C-5 aircraft landing runway 24 or departing runway 06 and using U.S. Navy ramp (MA2)  require a follow-me truck and wing walkers to cross the  civilian ramp area. Contact U.S. Base Operations 341.0 UHF or 118.275 VHF to coordinate.
Aircraft requiring 50000 lbs of fuel or more should request  fuel 24 hours prior to avoid delays.


Distinguished Visitors

All arriving VIP/DV aircraft cleared to use U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) will be parked in close proximity to the VIP Lounge/Wardroom, and will be  met by NAVSUPPACT Operations Duty Officer and U.S. and Italian Command Duty Officer. Inbound VIP/DV aircraft cleared to use U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) shall contact U.S. Base Operations on 341.0 Mhz  20 minutes prior to arrival and confirm block times and special handling requirements (i.e., boarding  ladder, power unit, etc.).


Skytanking s.r.l provides contract fuel (Jet A1 only).  Delays may be experienced during peak traffic periods. Fueling is available from 0600-2100 local. Overtime fueling is available from 2100-0600 local only if coordinated with U.S. Base Operations 24 hours in advance. Defueling is not available at Naples-Capodichino. 
Notification is required 24 hours in advance for fuel requests of 50,000 lbs or more to avoid delays.



Naples-Capodichino airport is operational 24 hours a day, with noise restrictions for takeoff/landing ops between 2300-0600 local time.
The U.S. Navy apron (MA2) is open for passenger, cargo, and aircraft fleet services Mon-Fri from 0730-1630 local time. 
U.S. Navy apron transient alert services (parking, fuel, crew transportation) are available 7 days a week from 0600-2200 local time. 
U.S. Base Operations is manned 7 days a week from 0530-2200 local time.
Note:  Please check local NOTAMS at: for any restrictions in Airfield and U.S. Navy apron operating hours.  Prior permission required for all operations, which must be requested at least 48 hours in advance through U.S. Navy Base Operations at:
DSN: 314-626-5235/5223
Commercial: 39-011-081-568-5235/5223

Another useful link to help you with your flight is:

Prior Permission Required

U.S. Military Aircraft
Due to limited parking space, a PPR is required for all U.S. aircraft requesting parking and/or transient services on the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2). A PPR request must be submitted 48 hours in advance. C-130 aircraft and larger must submit their request four days in advance. Request may be made through U.S. Base Operations at:
DSN: 314-626-5235/5223
Commercial: 39-081-568-5235/5223
Fax: 39-081-568-5479
Foreign Military Aircraft
All foreign military aircraft intending to land at Naples/Capodichino (LIRN) Airport are required to submit
a written PPR request to Italian Air Force - Comando Aeroporto Capodichino, Base Operations Center (BOC) utilizing PPR Form (request to, 48 hours in advance, in order to obtain the authorization to land at LIRN and be assigned a PPR number.
As per local MOU, all NATO and non-U.S. aircraft, in particular DV flights, entering Italy shall be parked on Italian Air Force ramp (MA1).
Aircraft may be parked on the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) in the following instances (to be coordinated with Italian Base OPS):
  • By specific operational/logistical requirements of the originator (except DVs).
  • For those aircraft that required loading/unloading of cargo and therefore, palletizing.
  • By specific request of the U.S. Base Ops.
  • Upon Italian Base Ops specific request.
Aircraft may be assisted by NAVSUPPACT Naples by using the following procedures: Upon receipt of the request, Italian Base Ops will verify the diplomatic clearance and if that is correct, and the assistance of the U.S. Navy is required or deemed necessary, the availability of the NAVSUPPACT Naples will be ascertained via U.S. Base Operations. If approved, Italian Base Ops will issue a PPR number with clearance to the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2).
To grant assistance U.S. Base Operations may issue a U.S. Parking Ramp Number or PAX/CARGO authorization.
All foreign aircraft remaining overnight shall park on the Italian Air Force ramp (MA1).
If cleared to land and park on a military ramp, Italian Base Ops will forward to the originator a message or fax which will include the Italian PPR as well as Parking Ramp Number (MA1 or MA2).
The U.S. Parking Ramp Number or the PAX/CARGO authorization does not constitute authorization to land/park, but will only ensure assistance provided by the U.S. Navy.



Check out the tabs below for more information about NSA Naples' Port Operations and offered services.


Port Operations

Naval Support Activity Port Operations, Naples, Italy provides fleet logistics support to visiting US and Allied Forces throughout 14 ports throughout mainland Italy. Any changes to your logistic requirement, both prior to and after your arrival, should be coordinated with Port Ops to ensure you receive the fastest and best possible service.


Diplomatic clearance and coordination with base operations is required for Helo flights to and from a U.S. Navy ship.
Helo flights are not permitted in Naples Harbor without prior coordination. Helo operations including engine turn ups are not permitted by ships moored at Molo Angioino.


Base Facilities

Post Office
Phone: DSN: 314-626-5506, Comm.: 39-081-568-5506. Open from 1000-1500 Monday through Friday. Services include mailing packages, selling stamps, express mail service and money orders. The NEX also has a stamp vending machine.

Fleet Mail Center
(Office code: FMC) Phone: DSN: 314-626-5343, Comm.: 39-081-568-5343. Ships mail will automatically be delivered upon arrival and departure. Mail call hours are from 0900-1100 seven days a week.

Naval Legal Service Office
Phone: DSN: 314-626-4576, Comm.: 39-081-568-4576. Available for command services and legal assistance as required. Provide INFO IAW SIXTH FLEET Legal Manual.
Career Counseling Services
Phones: DSN: 314-626-5629, Comm.: 39-081-568-5629. DSN and commercial lines available for detailer calls. BUPERS access is also available (officer and enlisted).

Staff Judge Advocate Office
Phone DSN: 314-626-5360, Comm.: 39-081-568-5360.
Hospital and Dental
Phones DSN: 314-629-6000, Comm.: 39-081-811-6000 Emergency Room: 314-629-6150, Comm. 39-081-811-6150. Ambulance: 314-629-4911, Comm. 39-081-811-4911.

Navy Exchange
Phone: DSN: 314-629-4717, Comm.: 39-081-811-4717 If requested, NEX rep will board day of arrival. Hours for exchange facilities are 1000-1800 Sun, 1000-1900 Tuesday-Saturday. Ship stickers on ID cards are required for admittance to exchange facilities.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Phone: DSN: 314-629-7911, Comm.: 39-081-811-7911. A detailed message with all information about clubs, party catering, group sports, fitness facilities and training opportunities and tours will be sent via SEPCOR directly from the fleet recreation coordinator. Recommend advance coordination via email to ensure best service. NSA Naples MWR website is a great place for information. 

Chaplain Services
Phone: DSN: 626-5617, Comm.: 081-568-5617. For more info and times refer to NSA Naples Chaplain webpage.

Navy Federal Credit Union
Phones: DSN: 314-629-4887/8/9, Comm.: 39-081-811-4887/8/9. Complete over-the-counter service is available Mon-Fri 0830-1600. 24-hr ATM machines are available.


Currency Exchange

Banking and Credit Cards
No branches of U.S. banks are located in the Naples area. A number of banking options are available to the service member and civilian employees.
Service members may easily maintain stateside accounts by utilizing the Direct Deposit system. Net pay will be electronically transferred on or before payday to your stateside bank.
Navy Federal Credit Union offers full services, including a 24 hour Automatic Teller Machine tied into PLUS and Armed Forces Financial Network, for all active duty military personnel, civilians employed by Department of Defense, and their families. Clubs and associations of the above are also eligible for membership.
An Italian Bank is located at Capodichino in Admin II and provides various services. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:25 p.m. and from 2:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
The Navy Exchange takes Master Card and Visa. You may also wish to maintain credit with major mail order companies.

Community Bank
Community Bank, operated by Bank of America, is contracted by the DoD to provide stateside-like banking services exclusively to the military community. This relationship benefits customers by ensuring a wide range of services tailored for the unique requirements of the servicemen and women stationed overseas.
Community Bank is located at NSA Capodichino in Admin 1 and has two ATM's which dispense Euro and Dollars. Community Bank also provides no fee currency exchange and local bill pay service.



Propulsion fuel, NATO symbol F-76 is not available in the port of Naples. The substitute fuel marine gasoil, can be available with sufficient notice and if authorized by COMSERVFORSIXTHFLEET . All fuel provided by barges. JP-5 jet fuel (NATO symbol F-44) is not available.


Hazardous materials turn-ins: NAVSUPPACT Naples will accept certain types and quantities of Hazmat. These items will be discarded on a case by case basis with the Petty Officer in charge of the water freight terminal before acceptance of the material. They must be properly labeled, containerized and labeled. The addresses on the documentation will be: (out to) DRMO, Livorno IT.

Port Services

(Office code: PORT) phones:
DSN: 314-626-5574, Comm.: 39-081-568-5574

Our office is located at Capodichino in the Air Terminal, Bldg. #415, second floor.

Port Services guards maritime VHF channels 12, 16 and 74. Contact Naples Port Control CALLSIGN "Naples Pilot" on Channel 12 or 16 approximately one hour prior to ETA, confirming pilot and tug services. Channel 12 is designated as the working channel for all harbor evolutions.

All berths have installed fenders surrounding the piers. Yokohama fenders available upon request.

30 and 60 foot brows are available upon request.

Shore Power
Not Available.

Potable Water
Potable water is available at all berths. Also available by barge to ships at anchor or in the harbor as needed.

Feed Water
Feed Water is available by truck only. One day advance notice is required.

Commercial mobile cranes are available throughout the port and may be loaded aboard pontoons as necessary for ships requiring along side work at anchor or in a med moor. Always advise weight to be lifted and reach from pier in order to best determine the size crane required.

Sewage and CHT Services
Sewage recovery is required for all ships whether moored in the harbor are anchoring outside. There is no installed sewage collection system at any of the piers in port. Most collection is by barge; but for small ships, daily collection by truck maybe arranged. The LOGREQ should include an estimate of daily volume and the desired number of collection required per day.

Voyage Repairs
Although there are no formal ship repair facilities at Naval Support Activity Naples, various NAVSUPPACT departments and tenant activities (i.e.. PWD, Husbanding Contractor, etc.) can often assist with repair support. Contractors can also be hired by CTF 63's Ship Repair Unit.

The preferred method for trash removal is by barge. Whether pier side or at anchorage, dumpsters can be provided on the pier upon request.

Cable TV
Not Available.

Phone Services
DSN land lines are not available. Commercial/International access for land lines is available. Cell Phones are the preferred and least expensive method while in port. When requesting cell phones please indicate how many require international access.

Emergency Numbers:
Port Ops Duty Cell: 39-335-712-8910
Police: 113
Fire Guard:115
Hospital: 39-081-811-6000
Naval Support Activity Naples Security Department:  081-568-5638

Diving Services
No Navy Divers Are available. Divers are available from Explosives Ordnance and Demolition (EOD) with sufficient notice (generally 24-48 hours). If diving services are required, request provide Port Ops and EOD with earliest notice possible in order to coordinate permission with Italy Navy. Port Ops will coordinate any emergency requests. For all force protection concerns contact NCIS. Phone: 081-568-3006.

Paint Floats
Paint Floats are available for rent in the port; arrangements are made through the husbanding contractor. When requesting the service by LOGREQ, include dimensions and scaffolding requirements.

Vehicle Rentals
Rental vehicle are arranged by the husbanding contractor. Include requirements in LOGREQ, identify classes of vehicle desired. Efforts are made to have vehicle's staged in port prior to arrival. U.S Military personnel driving in an official capacity, are not required to have an Italian translated driver's license. A current states side valid driver's license is required. U.S. Military personnel on liberty while in Italy are not allowed to drive without an International drivers license.

Liberty Launches
Water Taxis or Ferries are arranged by the Husbanding Contractor. Requirements must be included in the LOGREQ for advance arrangements to be made. Three capacities are normally available; 25, 45 and 250 personnel. The ship must provide the Husbanding Contractor with an up-to-date schedule of the runs required.

Shore Patrol

NAVSUPPACT security phone: DSN: 314-626-5638, Comm.: 081-568-5638, Email:

Shore Patrol Requirement:
Visiting units will provide shore patrol in accordance with the following general requirements:
  1. Three patrolmen per 100 individual personnel (or fractions thereof) in the liberty party.
  2. One CPO per 10 shore patrolmen.
  3. One Officer per 25 patrolmen.
  4. Battle Group and Amphibious task forces visiting Italy will have a designated Senior Patrol Officer.
  5. Additional shore patrol will be assigned for all ship functions i.e. parties and sporting events.
  6. Senior Shore Patrol will designate muster location and times.

Routine Shore Patrol Post:
  1. Flight Deck Club at NAVSUPPACT Naples.
  2. Bus stops at NAVSUPPACT Naples.
  3. Roving patrol in downtown Naples and NAVSUPPACT Naples.
  4. Carney Park recreation area (as required).
  5. Port area within the vicinity of U.S. Navy Ships.
  6. Bus monitors are required on all shuttle buses.
  7. A beach guard is required 24 hours a day.

Note: These Posts are modified as required.

Jurisdiction: over military personnel only. Italian police/security have primary jurisdiction when offenses are committed against Italian nationals/property. Italian police have jurisdiction on all off-base drug offenses.
Liberty restrictions/off-limits areas off base: They are north of Via Toledo (Via Roma).
Drugs: hashish, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, barbiturates, and amphetamines are readily available. Italian law is very strict and penalties are severe.
Taxis: Taxis have meters. Insure to negotiate fare before entering the Taxi. Fare is for all occupants per trip and should not be charged for each individual. Ask the driver how much it costs before you get in.


(Office code: SU) Phones: DSN: 314-626-5424, Coml.: 011-39-081-568-5424.
Hours: 0800-1630 Monday through Friday. For after hours call DSN: 314-626-5427, Coml.: 39-081-568-5427.

Submit all dairy orders by priority message action HQ DPSCE MAINZ-FINTHEN GE//DPSCE-HLR//. Refer to CSF6ISNT 4000.1 series for format, lead times, and minimum orders. Procurement of ice cream and yogurt products are possible with sufficient advance notice. Fruits, vegetables, eggs and bread products of excellent quality are available from local contractors. Provide earliest notice possible when requesting FFV and bread in Para HOTEL of LOGREQ. For urgent requirements, and, if ship has seven days of lead time before in port, transmit provisions request to DPSCE, INFO SOPA ADMIN NAPLES IT.

Local Procurement
A wide range of items are available on the local economy. Prices are higher than in CONUS for similar items. Procurement is improved for certain items when a sample is provided. For further info please contact your corresponding Husbanding Contractor.

DRMO processing site is in Livorno, Italy with a local rep in Naples to assist with your excess material turn ins. For more info

Accounting Data
All requests for supplies and services (in LOGREQ or SEPCOR) should include MILSTRIP and/or full accounting data. This is especially important for cellular phones and commercial vehicles which must be ordered in advance to ensure delivery on arrival.

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