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New Check-in Information

Pre-Arrival Checklist (Before Naples)
1. Read and understand your orders. Ask your chain of command if you need help.
2. Connect with your sponsor.  Let us know if you’re having issues with not being assigned a Sponsor: 
3. Obtain your tourist passport if you are planning to live on the economy or travel. Passports are required for a Codice Fiscale. Those arriving without a passport, will not be able to sign a lease.
4. Dependents: Start Visa Process
5. Ensure your U.S. driver’s license is valid or obtain a valid driver’s license before arrival 

Have AO Questions or to sign up for AO? EMAIL:

As mentioned, there is much you can do before you arrive. Your sponsor or Area Orientation Coordinators should have directed you to the Pre-Arrival Packet below.
In there, along with the forms that you will use at Area Orientation, are some of the things you can work on before even getting to Naples. These things include:

  • PETS: Getting your pet(s) registered. See section below for details
  • PO BOX: Obtain your PO Box before you arrive. This will be needed to obtain a “codice fiscal”, which is required while you live in Italy
  • CHILD CARE: If you know you will need child care, see section below for details
  • SCHOOL: If you have children to enroll in school, whether on/off base, connect with the School Liaison Office, who can work with you on any forms needed. See detailed section below.
  • HOUSING: Depending on whether you plan to live on or off base, get started now in finding your new home in Italy! See this website for more details:
  • BANKING NEEDS: Start now on establishing an account, which will allow you to have access to funds for housing deposits, etc. In order to proceed with a move to housing on the economy move, it is suggested that the newcomer be prepared to provide a cash deposit for their rental agreement.
  • OMBUDSMAN: Living overseas can be challenging for all, including family members. Make sure you are connected with your ombudsman before arrival, which will help you ask questions now that will help your transition process. See details below.


The Naples Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) welcomes you and your beloved pet(s) to bella Napoli! The VTF's mission is to primarily support the Military Working Dogs (MWDs), Food Safety and Defense, protect public health, and lastly, support the human animal bond. We provide wellness visits, sick call, health certificate for travel, basic surgeries (spay/neuter, simple mass removal, dental) and sell preventives and common medications. We also provide basic lab work, full body radiology and ultrasound services. In order to serve you, please register your pet with our clinic. We do not provide emergency services or address stray or wild animal concerns on base. However, we encourage everyone to seek a secondary local veterinarian off-base to augment any gaps of care to ensure your pets receive timely high-quality care, especially those with chronic illness. Please read the attached documents to learn and comply with base policy and Italian laws so your pets and you get situated and enjoy the best of Italy!
DSN: 314-629-7913
Commercial +39 081-811-7913
If you have any questions about travel requirements for countries while in Europe, please use the following link
Overview Info/Forms
VTF AO Slides

Post Office: (A PO BOX is needed before you can get a Codice Fiscale)

A PO BOX is needed before you can get a Codice Fiscale. You are able to get a PSC receptacle reserved 90 days prior to arrival. Request that your Sponsor or you email “”. Mail cannot be delivered until you check in with the mail room/post office. Orders are required before a post office box can be reserved. Family members/Dependents have to be on sponsors orders to be able to utilize the post office. Please do not use another postal patron’s address or command address. Also, do not use NGIS/Navy Lodge addresses while in Temporary Lodging.
Overview Info/Forms
AO Brief Post Office CY24

Child Youth Programs

Our programs and services are designed to meet the unique needs of the military mission, service members, and their families. With our quality programs, you can rest easy knowing your children are safe and in good care.
  • Capodichino Child Development Center: 081-568-5116 / DSN 314-626-5116
  • Support Site Child Development Center: 081-811-4989 / DSN 314-629-4989
  • Support Site School Age Care: 081-811-4722 / DSN 314-629-4722
  • Support Site Teen Center: 081-811-4395 / DSN 314-626-8307
  • Support Site Youth Sports and Fitness: 081-811-4725 / DSN 314-629-4725
Overview Info/Forms
N/A CYP Job Opportunities:

School Information

The School Liaison Officer (SLO) serves as the primary link between school districts and school-level personnel, commanders, and military connected parents.  The SLO serves as the installation subject matter expert for issues and processes involving Local Education Agencies (LEA) on all PreK-12 educational matters relating to public, private, home schooling and Department of Defense Education Activity Schools (DoDEA).
The SLO office is located on Support Site at the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC).
FFSC, 1st Floor, Navy Lodging, Support Site
COMM 081-811-6549 / DSN 314-629-3549

The following Topic Specific Documents are available at
  • Naples Elementary School Registration
  • Naples Middle High School Registration
  • Local Homeschool Roadmap
  • Alternate Education and Daycare List
  • Italian Public Schools


Housing Service Center (HSC)
The HSC is located on the Gricignano Support Site Base.  A HSC Counselor is always on hand to assist you before, during, and even after your time here in Naples.
On-base Family Housing: 081-811-4930 / DSN 314-629-4930
Economy Housing: 081-811-4466 / DSN 314-629-4466
Barracks Housing: 081-811-4696 / DSN 314-629-4696
Gaeta Housing: 081-568-8307 / DSN 314-626-8307

Banking and Money Needs

Plan ahead and establish an account with a financial institution here upon your arrival. Without doing so, you may be frustrated in that you won’t have access to funds that you need for rent and housing deposit. ATM cash card limits will most likely not cover the amounts needed for rent and deposit. Community Bank recommends that 7 to 10 days prior to your housing appointment, begin the process to open a bank account in order to have time to transfer the funds required. It is best that as soon as the housing process begins, the newcomer should make a plan regarding which process to use in order to pay rent. In order to proceed with a move to housing on the economy, it is suggested that the newcomer be prepared to provide a cash deposit for their rental agreement. Plan ahead and make your transition smoother!
Also, for your information, Community Bank can receive Road Tax payments for your secondary vehicles, along with pet passport payments.


Navy Family Ombudsman serve as a liaison between commands and all family members within a command, including spouses, parents and extended family members. Your command Ombudsman is a valuable resource for information and referral services to help your family find the resources they need, especially before, during, and after their transition to NSA Naples. Your Navy Family Ombudsman is bound by a Code of Ethics that dictates and determines the manner in which they perform their duties for the command. This Code of Ethics assures both you and your command that your Ombudsman is professional, competent and committed to you. Ombudsmen are bound by professionalism and confidentiality. All of your concerns will remain private unless they involve: Child abuse or neglect, spouse abuse, potential or attempted suicide, potential homicidal behavior, violence, or life endangering situations, or sexual assault.
How can you find your command Ombudsman?
  1. Chain of Command
  2. CNIC Ombudsman Registry:
  3. NSA Naples FFSC: DSN: 314-629-6372/COMM: +39-081-811-6372 or
Check out "Welcome to Naples", a newcomer's guide to Naples, Italy. The information contained in the welcome-aboard book will help smooth your transition into the Naples community. It's also a great resource while serving here. Click the link below to access the 2023/2024 version of the guide.

See the rules of the road here in Europe using the "European Road Guide". Click the link below to download and view the PDF.


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