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FDNF Rota - Health care Q&A

Health Care Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:     Can my dependent, who is an EFM, receive treatment out in town?
A:       First, your EFM dependent must have completed and passed their Overseas Screening.  If they require network care, those referrals are at the medical determination of their PCM and your family member’s individual need.

Q2:     What if the doctor here lists my EFM as a category 1 and I arrive and they’re a category 3, what happens?
A:       We will attempt to treat and care for you here; however, it may be necessary to return you to the States.

Q3:     Are there treatment centers (schools/medical) on base for Sailors/family members with special needs (autism, paraplegic, deaf…)?
A:       There are limited services available through EDIS and Fleet and Family Services.  Family members must complete their OSS and EFM application if they have a chronic health or educational need.  This helps us determine whether or not we can meet your needs upon arrival in Spain.  When a family is eligible but declines to enroll in EFM, they jeopardize the health of their family member and when discovered it may result in early return of dependents.  The cost to early return dependents is incurred by the service member’s parent command.

Q4:     Is the hospital staff fully qualified?
A:       The hospital is fully credentialed and licensed.  Our staff is comprised of board certified providers, clinicians and specialists.  Our staff here is held to the same standard of care as you would find in any CONUS-based facility.  The facility is certified by The Joint Commission and recently received the prestigious National Committee for Quality Assurance Level III Accreditation.

Q5:     What if my dependent needs specialty care, will they be seen off base?
A:       Dependents are referred out in town to the TRICARE network based on their individual need and the determination of their Primary Care Manager.

Q6:     What is Medical Homeport?
A:       Medical Home Port provides enhanced continuity of care with a focus on prevention. Therefore, patients will be assigned to a specific team that will include their Primary Care Manager (PCM), 2-3 other credentialed providers, a registered nurse and several Hospital Corpsmen. If your PCM is not available, you may be scheduled with another provider on your team to enhance continuity of care.  For more information, please visit our website at and click on the heading “Medical Home Port.”

Q7:     Is there an emergency room available on base?
A:       The hospital’s emergency room is staffed 24/7/365 for your emergency medical needs.

Q8:     I am currently on the waiting list for corrective eye surgery in Norfolk. If there is not an opportunity to complete it prior to the homeport shift, can medical facilities in Rota accommodate this surgery?
A:       No, please attempt to get this procedure done in Norfolk.  The Rota medical facility does not perform corrective eye surgery.  Once in Rota, Active Duty service members meeting established criteria may be referred to Landstuhl for care at their own cost. 

Q9:     What kind of prenatal care is there at the hospital?
A:       Full prenatal care is available at USNH Rota.  Rota has two full-time OB/GYN providers on staff who will assess your obstetric needs and provide prenatal care as needed.  They will also make the necessary high risk referrals when needed.

Q10:   Does the hospital have a NICU? If not, where is the closest NICU?
A:       No, USNH Rota does not have a NICU.  Rota utilizes the NICU of one of our partner Spanish facilities.

Q11:   Is there a surgical ward available on base?
A:       The hospital maintains a full surgical suite and inpatient ward, but does not have an intensive care unit.

Q12:    My spouse does not live near a Navy Military Treatment Facility (TMTF), can my souse have her overseas screening done at an Air Force or Army facility near her, or do I have to fly her to Norfolk for her screening?
A:        Policy dictates that your family member(s) must be screened at a Navy Overseas Screening facility.  This is to ensure that a Navy provider with knowledge of the available resources at Rota can review their record in order to make a determination.  Your family member(s) will need to ensure that they bring all copies of their civilian record with them to their Navy appointment. To find a Navy Military Treatment Facility near your family, please visit Ensure you select "Navy" from the service drop down so you locate a Navy MTF.


Health Care Q&A

Q1:      What health care is available for Sailors?
A:         24 hour Emergency Services (Medical Surgical Ward and Maternal Infant Ward), Clinics provided within the facility include: Medical Home Port, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Flight Medicine, Respiratory Clinic, and Allergy Clinic

Specialty Clinics provided within the facility include: Orthopedics, Urology, Audiology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN Clinic, Dermatology, Nutritional Education, Behavioral Health, and Optometry

Circuit Riders: Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) and Ophthalmology services are provided by specialists that rotate to Rota on (approximately) a quarterly basis.

Your USNH Rota Primary Care Manager will assist with any needed referrals for care, not offered at USNH Rota. This care will typically be accomplished within the local area through our preferred provider network, with the assistance of the referrals and translations staff, as needed.

Q2:      What health care is available for families?
A:         All active duty family members who are eligible beneficiaries and command sponsored are entitled to the same care as active duty members (listed above in question number 1).

Q3:      What health care is available for extended family members?
A:         TRICARE eligibility is typically limited to the following groups of people: Active duty service members (Note: Active duty service members and activated National Guard or Reserve Members must enroll in one of the TRICARE Prime options), TRICARE Overseas Prime, TRICARE Overseas Prime Remote, TRICARE Overseas Prime Overseas,TRICARE Overseas Global Remote Overseas, TRICARE Overseas Standard (please see question number 5 below for details)

Spouses and unmarried children of active duty service members

Uniformed service retirees, their spouses, and unmarried children

Medal of Honor (MOH) recipients and/or their families unless TRICARE eligible, only emergent medical care could be provided to extended family members, which would result in cost of that care being billed to the patient. 

Q4:      Are there any other options besides TRICARE Prime?
A:         Active duty service members must enroll in TRICARE Overseas Prime or TRICARE Overseas Prime Remote.  Active duty family members may enroll in TRICARE Overseas Standard, TRICARE Overseas Prime, or TRICARE Overseas Prime Remote.  Certain qualified dependents may also purchase premium-based TRICARE Young Adult.

TRICARE Overseas Program Standard is a fee-for-service plan similar to the stateside TRICARE Standard program. TOP Standard is available to both command sponsored and non-command sponsored active duty family members, retired service members and their families, and others. Note: Active duty service members are not eligible for TOP Standard. No enrollment is required for TOP Standard. Coverage is automatic if you are listed as eligible in DEERS. Additionally, Active Duty Family Member beneficiaries in a TOP Prime option can elect to disenroll and automatically covered by TOP Standard.

There is no annual enrollment fee with TOP Standard, but beneficiaries are responsible for the annual deductible and applicable cost-shares.

Q5:      Do you have to sign up for your dental plan separately like in the U.S.?
A:         For dental care, you do not have to enroll in or continue the MetLife (formerly, United Concordia) dental plan when stationed at NAVSTA Rota. However, if you are not enrolled or chose to discontinue dental coverage and are referred for care on the economy or require emergency dental treatments outside of the MTF, you will be responsible for the full amount charged.

Q6:      Is the entire healthcare taken care of on base or do we have to go out in town to see Spanish doctors for anything?
A:         Your PCM will facilitate your care at the appropriate place, either at the ship, USNH Rota or in the TRICARE network.  The decision of “where” that will be is based on your medical needs and the capabilities of USNH Rota and the community.  If you are referred out in town, translation services are available for you.

Q7:      How do I register my dependents to Rota Naval Hospital?
A:         Upon arrival at NAVSTA Rota, stop by the TRICARE office, located adjacent to the Hospital Quarterdeck.  Once registered, you will be assigned a Primary Care Manager in Medical Home Port and you can begin to access your RelayHealth account.

Q8:      How will I be covered if a medical emergency happens out in town and I am unable to return to the Naval Hospital to be treated?
A:         Your TRICARE coverage provides for emergencies that occur in the community. Proceed to the nearest emergency room to receive treatment.  Active duty service members and Prime enrolled active duty family members who need emergency assistance while traveling anywhere in the world may call the International SOS Alarm Center (collect) at 0044-(0)20-8762-8133 or  stateside at call 1-877-678-1207. The Alarm Center is available 24hrs/day, 7 days/week. Program this number in your cell phones. If you're a TRICARE Prime enrollee and use a civilian emergency room you must notify your primary care manager (PCM) and regional contractor within 24 hours or the next business day. Additionally, any follow-up care related to the visit must be scheduled with your PCM.

Q9:      I have United Concordia now; do I need to keep paying for that while I live in Spain? If not, how do I cancel it before I move?
A:         See the response to question number 6.  Additionally, if you chose to cancel coverage, please contact the company as well as your personnel department.

Q10:    If I end up at a hospital out in town and I don’t speak English, will the Hospital send someone to translate?
A:         For beneficiaries who are enrolled to the Hospital and need assistance within the Rota area, the hospital can make arrangements to have a translator sent to you for schedule and emergency hospitalizations. Outside of the Rota area, you can call the International SOS at 0044-(0)20-8762-8133 or at 0044-(0)20-8762-8384 they provide translator service over the phone.

Q11:    What if I need extensive care, will I be flown to Germany or back to the States?
A:         Decisions regarding care that require travel will be determined by your PCM, your specialist, TRICARE, available medical resources and you.  These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis factoring in all the various resources and needs.

Q12:    I have TRICARE Standard now, can I keep that? If not, do I need to switch to TRICARE Prime before I move?
A:         Active duty service members have to enroll in TRICARE OVERSEAS Prime.  Active duty family members have a choice of TRICARE Standard or enrolling into Prime. 

Q13:    If I live out in town, should I go to the emergency room on base or should I go to a hospital out in town?
A:         If possible, report to the Naval Hospital Emergency Room.  Our ambulance can respond to emergencies within the immediate area (on base, within Rota and parts of El Puerto de Santa Maria) as appropriate.  If it is not safe for you to reach the base and your emergency results in threat to “life, limb or sight,” go immediately to the nearest emergency care facility.  It is imperative that you call the regional medical assistance number provided at TRICARE enrollment as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours) to begin the authorization process for the care provided.  Further information provided in response to question number 9.    

Q14:    What if my dependent needs specialty care, will they be seen off base?
A:         Your dependent’s PCM will facilitate their care at the appropriate place, either at USNH Rota or in the TRICARE network.  The decision of “where” that will be is based on their medical needs and the capabilities of USNH Rota and the local preferred provider network.

Q15:    Is there an orthodontist?
A:         Yes, there is an orthodontist.  Priority and policy to receive orthodontic treatment at U.S. Naval Hospital Rota is based on Navy instruction 6670.2. According to the Navy instruction, anyone that transfers in orthodontic appliances “after” orders were written cannot be guaranteed follow on care at the Naval Hospital. If orthodontic appliances were placed “prior” to orders being written, then follow on care is guaranteed. Otherwise, any orthodontic care received is based on a score determined by evaluation/exam completed by the staff orthodontist.

Q16:    Is there a dentist on base?
A:         Yes.  Our dentists and hygienists are located in the dental clinic at USNH Rota.  We have several general dentists and specialists available to serve our patient population.

Q17:    I heard that if you need extensive dental treatment you have to fly back to the States on your own to receive the care, why?
A:         We have a variety of specialties available for use; however, some cases exceed our resources.  In those cases, USNH Rota relies on other assets available in the MTF network.

Q18:    Is there a pharmacy located on base?
A:         Yes.  Please visit our website at and click on the heading “Patient Services” for our Pharmacy link.

Q19:    Can I use the mail order pharmacy in Spain?
A:         In some cases, you may utilize the TRICARE mail order pharmacy.  Please visit the following link for additional information:

Q20:    Is there health care available for pets?
A:         Yes.  There is a veterinarian located on base.  Additionally, there is a local Spanish facility in Rota that works with the base and base personnel.

Q21:    Are there any local illnesses that my family should look out for?
A:         No.

Q22:    Is the water safe to drink?
A:         Yes. View the latest Consumer Confidence Report on Drinking Water by visiting

Q23:   What level of SPF sun screen would be suggested while in Rota?
A:       SPF15 or higher.

Q24:   If an EFM problem is found after we’re already been overseas what steps will we have to take in order to resolve the issue?
A:       We will attempt to treat and care for you here; however, it may be necessary to return you to the States.

Q25:   Can the Hospital care for EFMP patients?  If so, what types of treatment?
A:       EFM Category 1 and 2 patients are eligible to PCS to Rota. 

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