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Welcome to the NAS Sigonella Security Department!

The NAS Sigonella Security Department is the largest Navy security operation in Europe. Our mission is to: Provide Physical Security, Anti/Counter-terrorism, Loss Prevention, Law Enforcement, and Crime Prevention programs including administrative and clerical support services to the NAS Sigonella Command and Community. We are a full service, community oriented security police department, serving the entire Sigonella community and housing areas. Our police and administrative services include:

Security Operations
Location: Building #606

Operation Officer: 314-624-2351
Operation LCPO: 314-624-6127
Operation Chief: 314-624-5988
Watch Commander: 314-624-2783
Desk Sergeant: 314-624-6063
Dispatcher: 314-624-5225

Traffic Tickets

During your tour you may receive a traffic ticket. The Italian police usually issue them on the spot, but your plate number could be taken down and a ticket mailed to you at a later date. If you receive one in the mail, do not ignore it. The fine you will have to pay doubles after 60 days from receipt. If an Italian police officer in uniform along side the road steps your way waving what appears to be a lollipop stick (red circle on white disc), the officer is saying pull over and you must do so. If you are stopped, do not be disrespectful. If a communication gap exists and the officer writes you a ticket for a violation that you cannot understand, accept it and bring it to NASSIG Security Department for clarification. All tickets can be paid on the spot. This is legal in Italy and not a bribe. If you elect to pay, the police officer will give you a receipt. Keep the receipt. If you request legal assistance on this matter, take it to the Regional Legal Service Office (RLSO) for advice and appropriate action.

Vehicle Accidents

In the event you are involved in an accident, certain procedures must be followed. The steps to be taken will depend upon whether the accident is classified as minor (no injuries or deaths in either vehicle) or major (injury or death of a passenger in either vehicle).

Minor Accidents:

Exchange license data, name and address, insurance company, policy number and vehicle tag numbers. Insurance data is located on the windshield insurance sticker.

Do not leave the scene until information is exchanged.

Try to obtain names and addresses of witnesses.

Report the incident to your insurance company within 48 hours.

It is necessary that all accidents be reported to NASSIG Security Department with in 72 hours. In incidents involving vehicle damage to private, state or municipal property (light poles, stop signs, building, etc.) notify Security immediately.

Generally, minor accidents are a matter between individuals and their insurance companies.

Major Accidents:

Assist the injured if possible, Italian law requires that you render assistance to anyone injured in a traffic accident whether you also were involved in the accident or were just a pass by. Render assistance is to notify the correct authority by calling 911.

Notify Security immediately and ask for help.

Try to obtain names and addresses of witnesses.

Remain on the scene, if able. Until the Security police or Italian police has investigated the accident.

In both minor and major accidents, obey the Italian authorities. They have jurisdiction and can arrest you if you do not cooperate fully. Also, red plastic triangles are required by Italian law and should be put on the road to caution other drivers of an accident. These are available at the NEX Auto port and on the local economy. They should be carried in your vehicle at all times.

If you are the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident that injures or kills another person, the investigating police, regardless of the ultimate determination of fault, may initiate criminal charges automatically. Prompt notification of your Commanding officer and NLSO is important to protect your rights, and to obtain the services of an Italian attorney under contract to the U.S. government to represent you.

In case of an accident, personnel having automobile liability insurance with an Italian firm are required to notify that company within 48 hours to the accident. Failure to notify the company within the time period can be jurisdiction for the company’s refusal to accept liability.

Pass & ID

To provide pass, identification, and access control services, as directed by the Security Officer or delegated authority. Specifically, we provide rental car passes to U.S. and foreign military members and their dependants. We also provide ration cards for permanent and TAD and their dependants. We have implemented a computerized database to create and track all ration cards to permanent personnel. As the Ramp Badge Coordinator for NAS Sigonella we are in charge of issuing ramp badges and proximity cards for personnel assigned to NAS Sigonella and the tenant commands. We issue passes for local nationals that are contracted to work in the instillation and we act as the liaison between local contractors and the 41st Stromo. We issue ID cards to all visiting VIP’s from around the world who attend special events on base. Some of the lesser used services we provide includes but not limited to photo passes, DoD Schools student passes and visitor and contractor flag passes. We issue on average 75 to 100 passes a day. We receive access lists and control all access to temporary contractor and guests for special occasions on NAS I, NAS II and, housing areas. We also are responsible for issuing all rental car passes during the hours of 0800 to 1600. Another responsibility we have is the issuing of base passes to NAS Sigonella and tenant commands “key and essential” personnel. If it is access control, this office is the place to go. All newly reporting NAS Sigonella personnel need to check in and out for either their vehicle passes and/or ramp badge. We are committed to providing excellent customer service in a timely and efficient manner.

Bike Patrol

Currently compromised of three highly qualified patrolmen, the Bike Patrol’s main focus is the safety and security of students attending the DoDD’s school and related facilities. Bike Patrol provides assistance to the on duty watch section as well, assisting in on-base response calls, force protection, and to the general public’s health and safety events and relations. With the job requiring only a few members for numerous duties, each bike Patrol Officer is a qualified, well-rounded and independent patrolman. Interacting with the public on an everyday basis, community relations are a skill each officer must obtain to present a friendly enforcement environment.

Stray Animal Facility

The NAS Sigonella Stray Animal Facility is located on NAS I and is responsible for the control of stray and feral animal populations on the instillation. The Stray Animal Facility also assists the community by giving them a means to report animal abuse, animal neglect and animal nuisances. Dogs and cats that are found to be healthy and sociable are placed for adoption to DoD ID cardholders and local nationals. The Stray Animal Facility works very closely with the Sigonella Animal Welfare Society (SAWS), a non-profit organization run by volunteers. The SWAS volunteers assist by dog walking, socializing, helping with adoptions, providing foster care, fund raising, and much more. Volunteers are always welcome!

Criminal Investigation Division (CID)

NAS Sigonella Criminal Investigators conduct criminal investigations of a nature not falling with NCIS purview. Their duties include completing in depth, detailed reports for judicial, non-judicial, and administrative actions. This dedicated and professional group conducts interviews, interrogations, searches, and seizures. Skilled at processing crime scenes, they additionally assist NCIS with surveillance and counter-drug operations. NASSIG Criminal Investigations is envisioned as a comprehensive division, which values Diversity, Truth, and Impartiality. The CID personnel pride themselves in serving the community of NAS Sigonella.

K-9 Division

NAS Sigonella’s Military Working Dog Kennel is an essential division within the Security Department. As the largest kennel facility in the Mediterranean, our K-9 Teams provide vital security through explosive/narcotic detection and antiterrorism/force protection measures. Good relations with the local community are fostered through patrol and detection demonstrations for Italian schools, while MWD teams are also continuously deployed supporting missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other high-threat zones, while providing protection for dignitaries both locally and internationally.

Physical Security

NAS Sigonella’s Physical Security Department is the primary source of protection for all its personnel and Government property from terrorist organizations. Through their services they guard life, hardware programs, networks, and mission critical data from Terrorist activity/events, which could lead to serious losses or damage to the command. Categories that fall under their responsibility include but not limited to; act of terrorism, vandalism, theft, natural disasters, radio communications, command vulnerability assessments, key control, building and lighting checks, barrier movements, CCTV, intruder detection systems, alarm maintenance, and increased security measures are just a few examples of how the Physical Security Department is able to provide state of the art protection for all personnel here at NAS Sigonella.

Security Training

NAS Sigonella Security Training Division is structured and designed to provide quality and timely training in Law Enforcement and Antiterrorism to all divisions in the Security Department. The strict adherence to DoD and Navy Policies in training sets the standard for excellent performance of Security functions aboard NAS Sigonella.

Below is a sample list of training offered by the Security Department:

PQS 100-600:
100 Basic Fundamentals (Arming/Deadly Force)
500 Patrolmen

Capabilities to qualify, depending on logistics: M-60, 50 Cal., MK19, M-79, and M-203)

Law Enforcement Training:
Phase II (Law Enforcement)
Basic Life Support
Emergency Vehicle Operator Course
Auxiliary Security Force (Phase I Law Enforcement)
Non-Lethal Weapons
Expandable Baton

STAAT Provided Training (Region):
Armed Sentry Course (ASC)
Security First Responders Course (FRC)
Naval Physical Security Supervisor Course (NPSC)
Counter surveillance/Surveillance Detection
Antiterrorism Officer’s Course (ATO)
Non-Lethal Weapon Basic (NLW)
Auxiliary Security Force (Phase I Law Enforcement/Armed Sentry)(Contracted)

Customs Division

Here in Customs we see you when you arrive and when you depart NAS Sigonella. When you get here you will go though indoctrination and we will go more in depth of the things you can buy from Italy and ship back to the states. Here is a small list of thing not to bring: Weapons of any kind, slot machines, drug paraphernalia, washers and dryers; we don’t use the same kind here in Sigonella, besides you will be living in housing which already has them or the Barracks or out in town which has only 220 voltage. Refer to
On the website you enter Italy 09627 and click on detail, you, you will find the exact items that you can bring, and what special things you need to do when you get them here. You can also refer back to the Personal Property Page for more explanation of what you need to do when you get on the island.

Liaison Division

The Liaison Division is a team formed by nine Italian Security Operation Assistants who provide liaison and language services between U.S. Navy representative, NATO personnel, and Host Nation authorities. They are a vital part of the department and work side by side with the Security patrolmen in the performance of their duties whenever they are called to interact with non-U.S. citizens or when they respond to incidents or accidents outside of the instillation. They are on duty 24/7 and their responsibilities range from translating written instructions, to providing assistance in any emergency that involves U.S./NATO personnel (traffic accidents, house break-ins, domestic violence, assault, theft, etc.). In order to inform local law enforcement agencies of a crime or offence, the Liaison Division aids victims in filing the Italian crime report (denuncia). At the NATO pier, they ensure liaison service between the U.S. ship crewmembers and Italian authorities.


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