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MVRO (Motor Vehicle Registration Office)

Welcome to MVRO
MVRO is located in the Village Forum at Support Site and in Building 450 at Capodichino.

Personnel eligible to register their vehicles with MVRO are limited to the tax-free import/registration of three vehicles at any given time while in Italy. This total includes cars, trucks, and motorcycles over 50 cc.  Before purchasing vehicles, contact one of the MVRO offices to ensure it will be eligible for registration.

Since the military community is spread out among various locations, transportation is a necessity in Naples.  Being without a car can be stressful on you and your family.
You should plan on shipping your car as early as possible or plan on buying a car when you arrive.  Be advised that insurance premiums are extremely expensive so please research insurance costs prior to shipping your vehicle.

There is a substantial used car market in the Naples area.

All vehicles (imported or purchased locally) owned by U.S. military, Department of Defense Civilians and Contractors with approved logistical support privileges must be registered in the Allied Forces Italy (AFI) Vehicle Registration System maintained by the Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO).

Driver's License

Any person desiring to drive in Naples must have a current stateside Driver’s license or a valid license from another country.  As stipulated in the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) eligible Drivers must obtain an AFI Driver’s License.  The AFI Driver’s License exam is given during Area Orientation following the mandatory Local Driver’s Safety Orientation Briefing.

Your AFI Driver’s License will be valid for the duration of your tour in Naples as long as you maintain a valid ID card, stateside driver’s license or valid driver’s license from another country.   AFI Driver’s license privileges are not authorized for members separating or retiring overseas so please plan accordingly.  We highly recommend you renew your stateside license before coming to Italy (do not assume your state has a Military Exemption/Extension clause, check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles - DMV).

Individuals who do not have a license may find it difficult and expensive to obtain one in Naples.  Young adults (under 18) are not allowed to drive in Italy.  If you plan trips to other European countries an international license is required, available through AAA.

For more specific information please see NASUPPACT INST. 11240.29(series).


Gasoline and Oil

Gasoline and oil are made available to DOD personnel in Italy on a tax-free basis - which amounts to a substantial discount from the local market to prices comparable to the United States.  Tax free fuel cards are issued by the Navy Exchange Residential Services in Naples and by MWA located at Joint Forces Command (JFC) Lago Patria.

The basis for tax-free gasoline is the sponsor's need to commute from home to work as an official duty.  The ration amount, and rationed fuel type, depends on the primary registered vehicle's engine size, engine base horsepower, and fuel requirement.  Your tax-free fuel authorization is either 100, 200 (engine over 669cc), 300 (engine over 1119cc), or 400 (6 cylinder engine over 2326cc) liters per month.  Rations for motorcycles may not exceed 200 liters per month.  The intent of this tax-free fuel ration is designed to allow no less than 1,000 kilometers of tax-free travel each month.  For most registrants, your tax-free fuel ration will accommodate your transportation needs.

Purchasing, Selling, and Scrapping

The sale of AFI registered vehicles, purchased locally or shipped to Italy at government expense, are subject to the following restrictions:
  • You are prohibited from selling your vehicle to Italian or other European nationals on the local economy.
  • You can sell your POV to assigned NATO personnel who are eligible for AFI vehicle registration privileges (except Italian Military and Civilians).
  • You can sell your vehicle to eligible U.S. personnel that have AFI vehicle registration privileges.
  • All AFI registered vehicles must be properly disposed of prior to your departure via the following methods:
  • Sale to another AFI eligible registrant.
  • Driving to your new European duty location (restrictions apply).
  • Shipping your vehicle to your new duty location via government contract or commercial shipping company.
  • Scrapping the vehicle with MVRO under Italian Customs Supervision.
  • Nationalization and payment of value added taxes (VAT) and importation fees (approx. 33% of market value) for member separating or retiring in Italy.
NOTE.  If you’re on vacation or out of the local area and your vehicle becomes inoperable due to accident or mechanical failure, please contact MVRO immediately.  Your vehicle is under customs supervision and cannot be salvaged locally without the payment of customs taxes (VAT and importation) and customs brokers fees which are cost prohibitive. Please call us for detailed information and assistance with Italian customs laws if you must scrap your vehicle for any reason:  we’ll save you thousands of dollars!

Vehicle Rentals

If you plan to rent a car (after you obtain your AFI Driver’s License) while you are waiting for your vehicle to arrive from the States, you may be authorized a temporary tax-free fuel ration from the MVRO.  This temporary ration can be used to purchase tax-free gasoline and oil.  Restrictions apply please contact MVRO for specifics.

Lemon Lot

The NSA Naples Lemon Lot parking area at Support Site is managed by NSA Naples Security Department via the Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO).  Selling your vehicle via the lemon lot parking area is FREE OF CHARGE.  All you need to do is make a request for an assigned parking space for your vehicle through MVRO.  The Lemon Lot parking area is limited to 44 parking spaces and will be available on a first-come, first served basis.  All requests will be via email for your convenience and do not require a trip to the MVRO Offices.  
Lemon Lot Guidelines


If you plan on bringing your motorcycle to Italy, you must register the vehicle in the AFI Vehicle Registration System as soon as it arrives and inform the PPSO (Personal Property Shipping Office).  All motorcycles 50cc and above will count towards your 3-vehicle limit.  Therefore, if you register 2 motorcycles you can only then register 1 more vehicle (car or motorcycle). Failure to register your motorcycle will limit your ability to ship the vehicle when you PCS and can result in heavy fines from Italian Ministry of Finance.  You are required to have a motorcycle endorsement on your AFI Driver’s License, before you can register any motorcycle.  Prior to registering and operating a motorcycle on or off base all personnel will be required to attend/pass the NSA Naples motorcycle safety course and obtain a letter of authorization to register a motorcycle from the Safety Office.  If necessary, military members will need to attend/pass further motorcycle safety classes. Please contact the Safety Office for details.  Helmets are required and they must meet DOT and Italian specifications.

Driving in Naples

Upon arrival in Naples, you may notice driving habits are considerably different from those in the U.S.  While at first there may seem to be no logic to the traffic patterns, a closer look will show that there are distinct rules of the road.  Learning these rules and some local driving customs will help you adjust quickly to driving in Naples.  Defensive driving is a must due to congested roads and the hurried pace of the traffic.  Despite the seemingly wild driving conditions of Neapolitan traffic, it is important to exercise a heightened level of caution to avoid becoming an accident statistic.

Rules of the Road

The following are some basic rules that govern driving in Italy.  While driving your AFI registered vehicle, you are required to have your AFI Driver’s License, United States Identification and Privilege Card (ID), your AFI Military registration and proof of insurance in your possession.  If lost or stolen, report it immediately.


Do not pick up hitchhikers.

Many intersections have no stop lights or traffic control signals.  The vehicle on the right has the right-of-way, unless there is a stop sign.

Low beams must be on at all times.  Overtaking cars, especially at night, should briefly flash their headlights to alert the car being passed. Flashing headlights are also used to signal the approaching vehicle of stopped traffic at crossroads, or to signal slower vehicles to move right and permit a faster vehicle to pass.  When a car behind you flashes its lights, move to the right lane as soon as it is safe to do so.

Although some Driver’s may take what seem like unnecessary and dangerous chances to gain only a few feet of road space, Italian law requires you to allow overtaking traffic to pass you.

While horn blowing is technically illegal in many Italian cities, it is loosely enforced.  Most people blow their horn to signal approach to an intersection or intent to pass.  Driver’s also commonly use their hazard lights to signal danger (slow or stopped traffic).

Traffic Tickets, DUI/DWI, Revoked License

Traffic Tickets 
During your tour, you may receive a traffic ticket.  Your plate number could also be taken, and a ticket mailed to you at a later date.  If you receive one in the mail, do not ignore it. The fine will double up after 60 days. Most citations, if paid within 5 days are eligible for a 30% reduction. Drop by the NSA Security office and request I-7’s assistance or contact them to schedule an appointment (COMM 081-568-5549 – DSN 626-5549).

If an Italian policeman along the side of the road waves what appears to be a lollipop stick (red circle on white disc), he is request for you to pull over.  If you are stopped, do not be disrespectful.  If a communication gap exists and he writes you a ticket for a violation you cannot understand, accept it and bring it to NSA Security office and request I-7’s assistance for clarification.  You can contact I-7 by calling DSN 626-5549 or Commercial: 081-568-5639. 

Remember that it is forbidden to use the cell phone. While operating your personally owned vehicle.

Stricter DUI/DWI Laws
On August 1, 2010, Italy passed a new traffic law: (Legge 29.07.2010 n° 120) which prohibits drivers 21 and under from having any alcohol whatsoever in their systems (BAC of greater than .00 is in violation of the law).  This also applies to drivers with less than 3 years driving experience and commercial drivers (CDL) that could now be terminated from their jobs for DUI driving.

From 0,5 not to exceed 0,8 gr/per litre (equivalent to 2 glasses of wine or 2 cans of beer) fines will be levied from Euro 500 to Euro 2,000, as well as suspension of Driver’s license for a period of 90 to 180 days, also detention up to 1 month or social services as deemed fit by the judge.  Vehicle is subject to being impounded.  Period will be determined by the Prefecture.

From 0,8 not to exceed 1,5 gr/per litre, fines will be levied from Euro 800 to Euro 3,200 as well as suspension of Driver’s license for a period of 180 to 365 days, also detention up to 3 months or social services as deemed fit by the judge.  Vehicle is subject to being impounded.  Period will be determined by the Prefecture.

Above 1,5 gr/per litre, fines will be levied up to Euro 6,000 as well as suspension of Driver’s license for a period of one to two years, also detention up to 6 months or social services as deemed fit by the judge.  Vehicle will be permanently confiscated.

For all three phases if the driver denies blood alcohol content test, the suspect can be fined from Euro 2,500 to Euro 10,000.  Should the suspect be involved in a traffic accident, the amount levied will increase from Euro 3,000 to Euro 12,000.  In all three cases, if the driver is different from the owner, the vehicle will be turned over to the legitimate owner.

For drivers under the influence of drugs fines levied are from Euro 1,000 to Euro 4,000 and arrest up to 3 months or social services as deemed fit by the judge. Driver’s license privileges will be suspended from 6 months to 1 year.

Driving Without a Valid or Revoked License
Fines from Euro 2,257 to Euro 9,032. Should the persons be convicted for the same crime within a period of two years the subject can be arrested for a period of one year.


Speed Limits, Cell Phones, and Road Signs

Speed Limits
A person exceeding a speed limit ranging from 40 Km/hr to 60Km/hr over the acceptable limit will be fined from Euro 370 to Euro 1,458 and Driver’s license privileges will be suspended from 3 months to 6 months.
Should the persons be convicted for the same crime within a period of two years the Driver’s license can be revoked for a period of 8 months to 18 months.

A person exceeding a speed limit by more than 60Km/hr over the acceptable limit fines will be levied from Euro 500 to Euro 2,000 and Driver’s license privileges will be suspended from 6 months to 1 year.
If a person is convicted for the same crime within a two year period the Driver’s license will be revoked indefinitely.

Use of Cell Phones
Hands-free telephone devices must be used while operating a motor vehicle both on and off base.

Road Signs
Some road signs used in Italy are a bit different from international road signs.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle Accidents
In the event you are involved in an accident, certain procedures must be followed.  The steps to be taken will depend upon whether the accident is classified as minor (no deaths or injuries in either vehicle) or major (death or injury to passengers in either vehicle).

Minor Accidents
Exchange license data, name and address, insurance company, policy number and vehicle tag numbers (insurance data is located on the insurance certificate. Do not leave the scene until all information is exchanged.  Try to obtain names and addresses of witnesses.  Report the incident to your insurance company within 48 hours.

It is necessary that all accidents be reported to NSA Security Department. If the incident results in vehicle damage to private, state or municipal property (light poles, stop signs, building, etc.) notify NSA Security Police immediately. DSN: 626-5639 Commercial: 081-568-5639.  Generally, minor accidents are a matter between individuals and their insurance companies.

Major Accidents
Assist injured if possible:  Italian law requires that you render assistance to anyone injured in a traffic accident whether you also were involved in the accident or were just a passerby.

Under Italian law, you may be required, when/if possible, to transport the injured.  This should be done as rapidly and safely as possible.  Your vehicle will be regarded as an emergency vehicle when you turn on your headlights, honk your horn, and display a white cloth or handkerchief from the window.

Notify Emergency Management immediately and ask for help.  Try to obtain names and addresses of witnesses.  Remain on the scene, if able, until the accident has been investigated by the Security Police or Italian police.  They might request for you to provide a statement.

In both major and minor accidents, you must cooperate with the Italian authorities.  They have jurisdiction and can arrest you if you do not cooperate fully.  Red plastic triangles are required by Italian law and should be placed on the road to caution other drivers of an accident.  You are also required to wear a reflective safety vest when stopped and exiting your vehicle. These items are available at the NEX Autoport and on the local economy.  They should be carried in your vehicle at all times.

If you are the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident that injures or kills another person, criminal charges may be initiated automatically by the investigating police, regardless of the ultimate determination of fault.

Prompt notification to your commanding officer and Naval Legal Service Office is important to protect your rights, and to obtain the services of an Italian attorney under contract to the U.S. Government to represent you.

In case of an accident, personnel having automobile liability insurance with an Italian firm are required to notify that company within 48 hours of the accident.  Failure to notify the company within the time period can be justification for the company's refusal to accept liability.



Each individual must register their vehicles through the NSA MVRO.  Once you register your car with MVRO you are in the Allied Forces Italy (AFI) system and you will be issued Italian cover plates free of charge. If you register more than one vehicle, the second and third vehicles are subject to payment of Italian Road Tax, based on engine horsepower (HP) the taxes average from approx. 35 – 700 Euro annually.  This is a property tax, not a use-based tax and must be maintained for every second and third vehicle in order to have a valid registration.  Additionally, every time your insurance certificate renews for your primary vehicle, you will be required to revalidate your registration in order to receive your tax-free petroleum products.  Receiving fuel privileges requires all registered vehicles have valid registrations at all times.

Please note:  all new registrations, transfers of ownership, or scrapping transactions must be performed by the sponsor OR the dependent must have a Power of Attorney to perform these functions.
All vehicles must meet the criteria set forth in:
Vehicles failing to meet inspection criteria will have gas rations suspended until appropriate repairs have been made. Contact our office if you plan to buy a European vehicle outside of Italy and drive it into the country to register in the AFI system.


Registration of vehicle
For incoming POV’s (POV lot) please click here

If you need info on registering a vehicle driven from another European country, please click here

Italian to AFI plates
If you need info on registering a vehicle already registered in the Italian system, please click here (English and Italian version)
If you need info on registering a new vehicle bought locally, please click here
If you need a list of local customs Brokers please click here

AFI to AFI transfer
If you need info on transferring your AFI vehicle to another AFI eligible member please click here

Registration of motorcycle
If you need info on registering a motorcycle, please click here

Registration of moped
If you need info on registering a moped, please click here

Revalidation of vehicle
If you need info on revalidating your vehicle please click here
  • Must report to the Office of the Foreign Tax Relief Program located in the Capodichino Supply building. Call 081-568-5439 (commercial) or 626-5439 (DSN) for additional information
  • German fuel coupons are NOT authorized by MVRO Office.
Leave fuel
If you need info on Leave Fuel please click here

Leave Gas Request form please contact MVRO.

Sponsorship fuel
If you need info on Sponsorship Fuel please click here

Stolen vehicles
If your vehicle gets stolen please click here

Lost or stolen cover plates
If your cover plates get lost or stolen please click here

If you need info on nationalizing your vehicle (putting an AFI-registered vehicle into the Italian economy) please click here
Scrapping of vehicle
If you need info on scrapping a vehicle, please click here
If you need a towing company list, please click here

Shipping out and Driving out
If you need info on shipping out or driving out your vehicle, please click here

Power of attorney
If you need info on POA please contact us or RLSO

Missing EPA/DOT Stickers
Through accidents or repair work, the EPA or DOT compliance stickers in a car can be destroyed or lost. In both cases the VPC can assist requesting the documentation to suffice the missing labeling.

Missing EPA
If the EPA sticker is missing, a letter of compliance/waiver needs to be requested to: providing them pcs orders, local AFI REG, stateside registration (even expired) or the title along with a complete local address and contact information.
Please note that the VPC  will need a digital picture of the engine block number.

Missing DOT
If the DOT sticker is missing, the VPC will require the stateside registration (even expired) or the title plus the picture of the VIN number on dashboard that must be visible.

For further information please contact the Naples Personal Property Shipping Office.

NOTE 1 - Must be Italian insurance certificate (CERTIFICATO DI ASSICURAZIONE).  Insurance must be in the Sponsor’s name and valid for minimum of six months.  Failure to maintain insurance will be sufficient grounds for immediate termination of registration, driving privileges, and may result in disciplinary actions.  MVRO does not control Insurance agency operating hours! Be prepared!

NOTE 2 - 2nd and 3rd duty-free vehicles require Italian Road Tax payments ranging from approx. 35 – 700 Euro annually, based on vehicle engine size.  MVRO will issue road tax receipts for payment at the Community Bank on CAPO base or any Italian Post Office.

NOTE 3 - Safety Inspections are accepted from the authorized inspection Facility only.  The safety inspection is valid for a maximum of 15 days.  Safety Triangles and vests are required by Italian Law and 
must remain in the vehicle.

NOTE 4 - All MVRO transactions must be completed by the Sponsor, unless the family member holds a valid Power of Attorney!  ALL NATO personnel are required to have a "Duty Free Privilege Letter" signed by authorized personnel at the Pass & ID Office at AFSOUTH.

MVRO Phone number will be: Comm: 081-811-6876 / DSN: 629-6876
Last modified in June 2024



Can I write a check to pay for my road taxes?
No, to pay for the fees you must use Euro cash or your card at the Italian Post Office or if you pay at the Community Bank in Capo only Euro cash accepted. If you are an account holder, please check with the bank for alternative payment methods.

If I ship a car to Italy and rent a vehicle in the meantime, can I get tax free fuel?
Yes, just bring in your rental agreement along with your PCS orders and the documents that were given to you when you shipped your vehicle.  This will be used against your normal monthly rations (restrictions may apply).

News and Links

Whether you own an old clunker or a brand-new Mini Cooper, you need to abide by Italian registration laws, including restrictions on importation and exportation of motor vehicles. Most people know that they need to register their car with the Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO). But note that they can only register up to three vehicles at any given time. Other facts you will need to know before your tour is over:

Sponsors and newcomers may get extra fuel allowance
If you are a sponsor or newly arrived in the Naples area, you may be authorized an increase in your fuel allowance to drive around looking for housing, getting to know the area and finding your way to work (and getting lost). Certain restrictions apply. Full details can be obtained from the Office of the Foreign Tax Relief Program at Capodichino.

You must re-register your vehicle yearly
The Italian government requires vehicles to be registered each year. During re-registration, MVRO will verify several things including checking that your insurance is up to date and that you have current orders to be in Italy. If you fail to renew your registration, you will lose your tax-free fuel privileges and be at risk of having your vehicle towed.

Scrap Holding Lot
The Scrap Holding Lot is located at the Support Site near the POV lot, directly behind the US Navy Hospital. Members are advised not to leave cars they intend to scrap by the gas pumps for more than 24 hours.

Cover Plates
It is against the law in Italy to drive with just one plate. Ensure to have both plates securely fixed to your vehicle at all times. Should one or both plates be lost or stolen you need to make a report with the Italian authorities through NSA Naples base Security I-7. The original report must be given to MVRO.

Power of Attorney
If you are the sponsor and are not present to register a vehicle, the transaction can be conducted by our spouse as long as they have a valid power of attorney. It is recommended you obtain a power of attorney before arriving in Naples. However, if you need a power of attorney while in Naples, visit the Region Legal Service Office at Capodichino, located on the first floor of the Admin II building.

At the end of your tour in Naples, if you have not managed to dispose of your vehicle before your departure, you can leave a 90 day power of attorney to an AFI eligible member to SHIP/SELL/SCRAP your vehicle on your behalf. You must register the power of attorney at MVRO with the power of attorney agent. Your insurance can only be cancelled once the vehicle has been removed from the AFI system.

Hours of Operation:
MON-FRI by appointment only 0745 - 1145 / 1245 - 1500
Check PAO notes for additional closures / limited-service dates

Contact Information

Support Site MVRO

DSN: 629-6876
Commercial: 081-811-6876 



DSN: 626-1366 / 5434
Commercial: 081-568-1366 / 5434 

Mailing Addresses:

Military (US mail only)

PSC 808 BOX 60
FPO AE 09618




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