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Dress Code

Your standard outfit for work each day will be based upon the specific needs of your job and billet assignment so check with your unit on their standard and optional uniform/gear requirements. Most of the personnel at Camp Lemonnier wear the desert camouflage uniform each day. Variants of the desert uniform such as flight suits will also be seen while you are here.

Uniforms are required for working hours around the camp. Civilian clothing is authorized during non-working hours. Shorts and t-shirts are acceptable civilian clothes but make sure your appearance conveys a positive, acceptable image. No t-shirts can be worn off camp; shirts must be collared. Shorts should have pockets and button; no gym shorts. Personal gym shorts can be worn from your CLU to the gym only.

ID cards must be clearly displayed at all times when you are wearing civilian clothes at the camp. You can purchase an ID card holder here at the Exchange or you can bring one from home.

Camp safety policy prohibits wearing of MP3 players or headphones while walking around base. MP3 players are authorized for use on the running track only.

You will also want to use sunscreen and bug spray routinely while you are here at Camp Lemonnier. These items can be purchased at the Navy Exchange.

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