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Q: Do you need a license to operate Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)?

A: Yes, all LSV operators are required to possess a valid driver’s license (respective state DMV issued or local government issued).


Q: What is the policy on new types of mobility devices such as electric scooters, one-wheel, gas/electric powered skateboards and other similar equipment?

A: Generally, they are allowed for use in APPROVED/DESIGNATED areas (MWR Skatepark) and prohibited in other areas (roads/streets etc.) Exceptions apply, see below:


All equipment that is manufactured in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) is approved for use on a road/streets. To determine compliance, review literature that is provide by the manufacturer, generally included in the packaging or separately. Alternatively, if a sticker or marking (via engraving/embossing) denoting compliance is available (legible), then such equipment is considered compliant and is approved for use in all areas where vehicles are authorized.


A: Do you issue or provide personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Q: No. Safety office will assist in selection of appropriate PPE. PPE procurement, storage, issuance etc. are departmental/command responsibility.


Q: Is motorcycle safety training available?

A: Yes, but in a limited capacity i.e. training may not available throughout the year due to extreme temperatures in this geographical location. Training availability is posted on ESAMS.


  • Courses are generally provided on a progressive schedule i.e. each quarter starts with Level I availability, followed by Level II repeated the following two months of the quarter.
  • Classes are subject to cancellation without prior notification. (In consideration of local weather condition, number of classes provided during a year may be reduced).


Please contact MSR (Instructor) at DSN: 318-439-4601 (during normal business hours, 0730-1600, Sun-Thu)


Q: Are children allowed to be a passenger on a LSV?

A: No, individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited on a LSV.


Q: How do I purchase a motorcycle or moped?

A: If you are currently residing in Bahrain, you must complete a Level I – Motorcycle Safety course prior to purchasing.


Q: How do I register my motorcycle?

A: Contact Safety Department for issuance of ‘Letter of Authorization for Motorcycle Registration’. Required supporting documents:


  • Copy of driver’s license (with endorsement or appropriate approval)

  • Copy of Motorcycle registration (with local traffic authorities)

  • Copy of Insurance

  • Copy of most recent motorcycle safety training (Level I or Level II).

    • If the service member has not completed Level II then he/she is only eligible to receive an authorization for 60 (calendar) days.

    • If the level II training is expired or past the refresher training date i.e. more than 5 years since issuance, then the service member is only eligible to receive an authorization for 60 (calendar) days.


Licensed* civilians do NOT require ‘Letter of Authorization for Motorcycle Registration’.

*A license issued by a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in United States or a locally issued license i.e. issued by General Directorate of Traffic (GDT), Ministry of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain. License issued outside these areas are generally not considered equivalent but can be considered/reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Q: How do I access ESAMS?

A: Follow the link below:

If you are having problems accessing ESAMS, please call 3940-0734 (Cell) for instructions.


Q: How can I have new Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) approved for use?

A: In order to have a HAZMAT approved and included on the departmental Authorized Use List (AUL), the requestor must contact the NAVSUP FLC BAHRAIN "CHRIMP" at 439-4276 (DSN), 973-1785-4276 (COMM). The request is exclusively conducted via HAZMAT Management (HMM Tool) i.e. all AUL requests should be submitted to HMM. In the case the department and/or command is unable to complete registration to HMM Tool, they may contact CHRIMP to initiate a legacy form based request (all requests should include Safety Data Sheet (SDS)). The Safety Office in conjunction with the NMRTU Bahrain – Industrial Hygiene Office and the NAVFAC – PWD Environmental, will review the documents submitted. If approved, the new products will be added to the requestor's department or command AUL.

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