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Armed Forces Network

American Forces Network Sigonella

AFN Sigonella is located in Building 212 on NAS I between Security and the MWR administrative building. AFN Sigonella is an affiliate of AFN South, headquartered in Vicenza, Italy. Our higher headquarters, AFN Europe, is located in Mannheim, Germany. AFN Sigonella receives the majority of its programming from the American Forces Network Broadcast Center (AFN BC).

AFN BC falls under the umbrella of the Defense Media Center (DMC), located at March Air Reserve Base near Riverside, California. The AFN BC is the sole programming source for military radio and television outlets overseas. These outlets serve American service men and women, Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, and their families stationed in over 177 countries around the world where English language broadcast service is unavailable or inadequate. The AFN BC is responsible for reflecting an accurate cross-section of what is widely available to stateside audiences of the American radio and television industry. Programs are uplinked from the DMC to a series of satellites and delivered worldwide via a secure transmission path using MPEG-2 digital compression technology. This global radio and television network service is called AFN, the American Forces Network.

The following channels are broadcast on AFN Sigonella television: AFN Prime-Atlantic, AFN Prime-Pacific, AFN Xtra, AFN Movie, AFN Family, AFN News, AFN Sports, AFN Spectrum, the Pentagon Channel and the Preview Channel.

Besides stateside programming, AFN Sigonella provides a local 5-minute television newscast that airs twice nightly at 6:23 p.m. and 10:23 p.m. on AFN Prime-Atlantic in housing and on decoder channel 20 for those living on the economy. The news includes local events, weather forecasts, Euro exchange rates as well as schedules for the Movie Theater and MWR events. Morning News Updates and several News Breaks also air throughout the day. AFN Sigonella also produces local and regional commercials in support of area commands.

AFN Sigonella provides 8-hours of live Eagle radio, direct from our studios, everyday on 106.0 FM. Live shows run 6-10 a.m. and 2-6 p.m. You’ll find a wealth of command information via Radio News, readers and live interviews while listening to the best mix of music this side of the Atlantic. During non-live times, AFN Sigonella broadcasts network programming from Germany along with popular Eagle music from back in the States. AFN Sigonella also broadcasts on Powernet 107.0 FM with popular hosts such as Paul Harvey, Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura as well as popular programming like Sports Overnight, NPR and adult rock.

Finally, AFN Sigonella’s website provides a wealth of information including news stories, important local and regional information, community calendars and, most importantly, publicity requests. If you have an idea for a news story or commercial, or need to publicize an event, simply fill out the online publicity request and let us know!

Points of contact:

General Number 624-4265 (Comm: 095-56-4265)

Station Manager 624-4074

Operations Manager 624-4079

Engineering 624-4073

News Department 624-3971

Radio Department 624-4067

On-air DJ 624-3895

Fax 095-713-0101 (Commercial only)

AFN Sigonella Web site:




Maranai 624-1731

Mineo 624-0417



NAS 1 624-4109

NAS 2 624-7229


On the Economy: 3472292700

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