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N01G - NSA Naples detachment Gaeta

Gaeta, Italy
Gaeta is a city and commune in the province of Latina, in Lazio, central Italy. Set on a promontory stretching towards the Gulf of Gaeta, it is 50 miles (80 km) from Naples and 74 miles (120km) from Rome.
The town has played a conspicuous part in military history: its fortifications date back to Roman times, and it has several traces of the period, including the 1st-century mausoleum of the Roman general Lucius Munatius Plancus at the top of the Monte Orlando.

Gaeta's fortifications were extended and strengthened in the 15th century, especially throughout the history of the Kingdom of Naples (later the Two Sicilies). Present day Gaeta is a fishing and oil seaport, and a renowned tourist resort. NATO maintains a US Naval base of operations at Gaeta.

Gaeta serves as homeport of the USS MOUNT WHITNEY, the most sophisticated Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence (C4I) ship in commission. Gaeta is also a preferred port visit for USN, USNS, and NATO vessels transiting the Mediterranean Sea.


Contact Us

Officer-In-Charge, NSA Naples Det Gaeta
(+39) 081 568-8301 (comm)
(+39) 331 622-3453 (cell)
          314 626-8301 (DSN)

Community Relations Specialist/Protocol Officer
(+39) 081 568-8380 (comm)
(+39) 334 638 2638  (cell)
           314 626-8380 (DSN)

Administrative Services
(+39) 081 568-8374 (comm)
         314 626-8374 (DSN)

Administration Department - Gaeta

Upon arrival in Gaeta, the Administration Department assists all non-military personnel, including dependents, to obtain a Sojourner’s Permit. Italian law requires this permit for all non-military personnel to be able to stay in Italy past the limits of a tourist visa. It is required to obtain a Sojourner's Permit within eight days after arrival in Italy.
Permit Requirements: Passport with Italian Visa plus six passport pictures are required. It is highly recommended that these photos be taken prior to leaving the United States.
Additionally, the Administration Department will help all personnel to obtain the Italian equivalent of a Social Security Number, called a Codice Fiscale. This number is required in order to conduct a number of different activities throughout Italy, including renting a house or apartment.
The Administration Department will also assist in setting up appointments in Gaeta with the Central Motor Vehicle Registration Office (CMVRO) employee for those need of Vehicle & Licensing support.
Point of Contact(Bldg. #751):

Host Nation Administrator
081-568-8302 (commercial)
626-8302 (DSN)

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm
(Closed Saturdays and Sundays)


Education & Schools

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools serving NSA Naples and NSAND Gaeta are located on the Support Site in Gricignano.  Qualified dependents are authorized to enroll in one of four enrollment categories based on the request of the sponsor.
Naples Middle High School
PSC 808, Box 15
FPO AE 09618-0015
DSN - 629-7500
From USA - 011-39-081-811-7500
From Italy - 081-811-7500
Fax - 011-39-081-811-4078

Naples Elementary School
PSC 808, Box 39
FPO AE 09618-0039
DSN - 629-7600
From USA - 011-39-081-811-7600
From Italy - 081-811-7600
Fax - 011-39-081-811-4057
Families may choose the education option that is most effective and appropriate for their child.  Please note that NSAND Gaeta is serviced by Naples DoDEA and therefore funding for other educational options is not available.
School Liaison Officer
Navy School Liaison Officers (SLO) serve as the primary link between school district and school level personnel, commanders, and military parents.  SLs serve as the installation subject matter experts for outreach educational support of military children in grades PreK – 12.  SLs provide information, make referrals and educate families, encourage parent advocacy and coordinate services. SLs proactively address quality of life education concerns raised by service member families and leaders world-wide.
 School Liaison Officer Contact Information:

Fleet & Family Support Center, 1st Floor Navy Lodging, Support Site
Hours (M-F) 0730-1630
DSN - 629-6549
From USA - 011-39-081-811-6549
From Italy - 081-811-6549

School Liaison Officer Website
School Liaison Officer Virtual Area Orientation


Fleet and Family Services Center

Area Orientation and Intercultural Seminar (4 DAYS)
Learn everything you need to know about setting up your home on the economy. Learn to use the phone, settle into your new home, and deal with emergencies and more. Learn about Italian culture, history, traveling, public transportation, way of life, good and bad in Italy, Culture Shock, Stereotype, Basic Italian Speaking, etc.....Includes ICR FIELD TRIP to Rome. Driving Orientation and Italian Drivers translation. Learn to make the best of your time in Italy.
This short ONE STOP CHECK-IN Brief is a survival-guide for the first several days or weeks of arrival in Gaeta and will provide an easy step-by-step road map to a successful adaptation to your new home. Participants will be provided materials; get a quick tour of the base and introduced to the services available. Participants will learn how to get their ITALIAN DRIVING LICENSE, Loaner Locker and when to attend the next full AREA ORIENTATION-ICR SEMINAR (4 days long seminar).
Intercultural Relations (ICR)
The ICR program offers classes, workshops, seminars and Field Trips on culture specific information along with hands-on experience and cross-cultural training. Workshops include cultural seminars cooking classes, and trips.
Sponsorship Training
Attendees Learn how to support with Sponsorship duties for Military Members.
Spouses Sponsorship Training
New sponsors, learn how to provide information to new service members and families at the at this duty station. The Spouses Sponsorship Training provides all the resources needed to be a successful sponsor. It will:
·         Provide with the most up-to-date information and tools for sponsorship.
·         Help create a customized welcome packet for newcomers.
·         Customize training so you can best address your newcomer’s needs.
This will be and excellent training for those who want to help their military spouse with their Sponsorship duties.
Drivers Orientation & Test
Newcomers need to attend the mandatory training "Drivers Orientation" necessary to obtain the Italian Drivers License Translation for driving in Italy.
Smooth Move
Smooth Move Workshop is designed to help personnel with military relocations and transfers. Areas covered will allow you to easily plan your relocation without last minute rush. All service members and their spouses are encouraged to attend within six months of their transfer date.
Relocation Assistance Program
Support DoD personnel and their family by providing resources and services to assist with relocation by providing information about the new base they are transferring too.
Lending Locker
The Lending Locker provides incoming and outbound personnel with basic kitchen items in the event the Express shipment or Household Goods shipment is delayed.

Services not available in Gaeta may be augmented by the NAPLES FFSC Staff or available at the Naples FFSC Main Office and include:
• Clinical Counseling Services
• Family Advocacy Program        
• New Parent Support Program 
• Life Skills (Anger and Stress Management) 
• SAVI Sexual Assault Victim Intervention  
• Transition Assistance Management Program   
• Family Employment Readiness Program 
• Personal Financial Management Program
• Ombudsman Program  
• Deployment and IA Support  
Fleet & Family Support Center (Bldg. #752)
Point of Contact:
FFSC Site Manager
081-568-8354 (commercial)
626-8354 (DSN)

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
8:00am – 4:30pm
(Closed Saturdays and Sundays)



There are two general housing locations, Gaeta and Naples. In Gaeta, Government Housing does not exist. Residences are leased. If you are accompanied with dependents you have the option to occupy Military Family Housing located in Naples, Italy. The commute is an average of 1.5 hours one way. In the summer months the commute will take longer.
Overseas Housing Allowance Policy
Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) is authorized for single E-5 and above or E-4 and above with dependents. Geographical Bachelors are eligible for OHA and BAH at the dependent’s locations at the Commanding Officer’s approval. Move In Housing Allowance (MIHA) is authorized for OHA eligible personnel to help defray the cost of moving into new quarters. More information on OHA can be found here.
Overseas Cost of Living Allowances (COLA)
The Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is a non-taxable allowance designed to offset the higher overseas prices of non-housing goods and services. Overseas COLA is not a fixed amount. COLA adjustments are either immediate or made incrementally, depending on whether the payment will increase or decrease, as well as whether the change is based on currency or data. More information can be found here:
Leasing a residence in the Gaeta area is accomplished through the Housing Office located on the pier in Building 752. The Housing Office has many listings of places for lease in various locations in the area.

There are apartments and town houses in the city, plus villas in more rural settings. The average Italian home is smaller than homes in the U.S. Typically a large sectional sofa will not fit in an Italian apartment living room. There are homes in surrounding towns such as Formia, Scauri and Minturno which can offer larger homes that will fit your U.S. furniture.
How much money is required for a lease?
First & Last Month’s rent—in cash. A refundable security deposit must also be paid prior to move-in date. Contact your bank to raise your debit card limit to get cash from the ATM at the base gym. It is common for members to take a couple of days and trips to get all of the required money. Remember that upfront costs will be paid in Euro.
Utilities/Recurring Maintenance (URM) is included in OHA. It is used to help defray the cost of utilities. Electricity and city gas are billed every other month. For more information visit this site:
Residential Gas
There are two systems for residential gas service: LPG tanks (Bombola) and City Gas (Metano). Members who require bombola gas as per their lease agreement, may purchase Bombola Gas Coupons and schedule deliveries from the NEX. Members who require Metano will pay as per their lease agreement. The Housing office will assist you during the lease agreement process.
Housing will help you arrange electric service through ENEL, the electric company. The electrical service system in Italy is 220-volt, 50 cycle vice the U.S. standard 110-volt, 60 cycle. You will need a transformer or converter to use your 110v appliances and electronics. Check the electrical information label prior to plugging in items. Housing will provide two transformers. You must buy the rest.
Hint: It is common to see household items like transformers, extension cords and converters for sale in online marketplaces and garage sales on NSA Naples.
Water / Garbage / Sewage
Most landlords keep these services in their names but will include the expense into your monthly rent. When negotiating your lease, ask the Housing office to explain more.
If you are accompanied and desire to commute to work, Military Family Housing is available on the Support Site and in government leased gated communities in the Naples area. Electricity and Residential gas provided by the government. Telephone and Internet Service require payment. 
General Eligibility for Naples Housing
In the Naples area, all U.S. military personnel, pay grades E1—O6 with accompanying family members, are eligible to apply for and live in Military Family Housing.
Assignment Policy for Naples Housing
All assignments to Military Family Housing are made based on family composition.
• Service members are eligible for one bedroom per child.
• E7-E9 personnel are eligible for a minimum of three bedrooms.
• O1-O5 personnel are eligible for a minimum of three bedrooms.
• O6 personnel are eligible for a minimum of four bedrooms.
Pet Policy for Naples
As per NSA Naples Instr. 10570.2F (Pet Policy), pets are allowed in Government Housing. Members living in pet designated Government Housing may have a maximum of 2 pets (e. dog, cat, bird, hamster/gerbil or guinea pig). Members may not board in Government Controlled Housing any pets over 70 lbs. The following pets are not allowed in Government Housing; any dog of a breed (including mixed breed) that has the potential to harm or proves hazardous to others or is potentially aggressive: Pit-bulls, American Stafford bull terrier, English Stafford bull terrier, Rottweiler, Doberman pinchers, or wolf hybrids. 
Telephone and Internet
The Housing Office will help you arrange for telephone service from Telecom, the Italian Telephone Company. It can take up to several weeks to get the service, depending on Italian holiday periods (August in particular) and whether or not lines are already installed in your house. A phone line is required to get internet service.
Internet service quality is dependent upon what area you live in. Most have ADSL (high speed) internet but some rural locations only have dial up. Internet billing is included with your telephone bill.
Partial Full Tour Furnishing
The Partial/Full Tour Furnishings (PFTF) Program allows personnel to borrow appliances for the entire length of the tour. Some examples of items available for loan include: Gas Stove, Microwave, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, and 220v to 110v step down transformers.
Loaner Furniture
The Housing office offers basic furniture for use while you wait on your own household goods to arrive. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Loaner Furniture program, visit the Housing office to make the appropriate arrangements for delivery or pick-up.
Cell Phones
Some cell phone providers offer global coverage (T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, etc.) but these can often come at a high cost. Vodafone and TIM are two local cellphone service providers that offer plans from €25-50 a month per phone. These service providers are available at NSA Naples NEX and out in town.
Temporary Lodging
Incoming personnel on accompanied orders who report with dependents are eligible to receive Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA).
• Depending on the time of year, your out of pocket expenses can approach several thousand dollars.
• You MUST turn in receipts every ten days with Admin.
• TLA is a reimbursement to cover the cost of your lodging plus per diem.
• You are eligible for up to 30 days while you are actively searching for housing.
• The command can approve up to an additional 30 days (60 days total) in extraordinary circumstances.
To remain eligible for TLA, you must view at least 2 houses per 10-day period.
• Plan to procure a house within 30 days of arrival.
TLA Rates can be found here:
Payments for TLA are paid in 10-day increments resulting in Sailors and family often paying out of pocket until reimbursed. You are encouraged to plan accordingly and reserve some additional money to pay for lodging until reimbursed.
• DoD Per Diem website rates are in U.S. Dollars, Hotels will charge in Euros.
• Check the current exchange rate when booking TLA.
• If your lodging costs more than your allowance, you will not be reimbursed the difference. 
Gaeta/Rome Housing Office (Bldg. #752)
Points of Contact
Housing Director

Phone numbers 
081-568-8307/8308 (commercial)
626-8307/8308 (DSN)

081-568-8334 (commercial)
626-8334 (DSN)

Hours of Operation 
Monday - Thursday
0800 - 1230 / 1330-1545

0800-1230 / 1330-1530


Logistics Services

Services provided:
  • Focal point for all aspects of shipboard support.
  • Coordination of husbanding services upon arrival/departure.
  • Assists HSP rep, COR, and SUPPOs.
  • Customs clearance for all inbound/outbound parts and stores for ships.
  • Liaison for Port Services.
  • HW offload for all ships.
  • Assessment of HAZMAT lockers.
  • Coordinates all inbound stores for ships.
  • Meets with SUPPOs and visiting parties upon arrival.
  • Contract specialist related to ships.
Points of Contact (Bldg #751):
314-626-8341 (DSN)
+39-081-568-8341 (commercial)
Duty cell: +39 366 694 3396
Hours of Operation
0800-1630 M-F (Sat & Sun if required) 


Medical Information and Resources

Gaeta is about 85 km distance from the closest U.S. Military Hospital, Naval Hospital (USNH), Naples located in Gricignano di Aversa Support Site and takes about 90 minutes driving with no traffic. The hospital has limited specialty services and is subject to refer patients on the network for consults and admissions for acute medical conditions. In cases of emergencies, patients should utilize the nearest Emergency Room (ER) in Gaeta and Formia versus attempting to get USNH ER.
USNH Naples utilizes TRICARE International SOS (ISOS) approved preferred provider network facilities to provide services not available at the hospital. Any network care will require a network referral from a referring provider and review for authorization from TRICARE ISOS.
For patients that have chronic medical conditions and/or concerns are encouraged to contact the medical facility for additional assistance prior coming to Gaeta, Italy. Any addition questions regarding suitability screening for active duty and family members can contact the USNH Naples Fleet Liaison via email at:
It is recommended that patients with chronic health conditions that require specific pharmacology therapy assure to bring a minimum of 2 to 3 months amount maintenance medication to use until care is established at USNH Naples.
Active duty and family members will need to contact TRICARE Europe to enroll in TRICARE Remote using +44 20 8762 8384 or 1-877-678-1207. No primary care manager (PCM) assignments are made for TRICARE Remote beneficiaries seen at USNH, however, active duty and families need to contact TRICARE for assistance for non-emergency care such as network referral assistance if patient desire to locate an approved facility within the Gaeta/Formia area for care.
Useful numbers:
USNH Naples Appointment line                               
DSN: 314-629-6000    
Commercial +39-081-811-6000
USNH Naples Communication Center                      
DSN: 314-629-6155     
Commercial +39-081-811-6155
TRICARE Beneficiary Services Representative        
DSN: 314-629-6330     
Commercial +39-081-811-6330
Case Manager                                                              
DSN: 314-629-6713      
Commercial +39-081-811-6713
USNH Naples Patient Liaison                                                                             
Commercial +39-335-761-3005


MWR Gaeta

At the Fleet Landing, MWR offers a Fleet Recreation Center (multi-functional facility) for Sailors and family members, a Fitness Center, an Outdoor Sports Court, Basketball Court and Running Track. At the Olde Mill Inn Park, patrons can enjoy Picnic Areas, Sports Fields, covered Pavilions for gatherings and an indoor area for gatherings, birthdays, conferences and the Champs Fitness Room. Reservations for pavilions and indoor area are made at the Fleet Recreation Center Customer Service Desk. Outdoor beach activities are also available during the summer months at the nearby Serapo Beach.
MWR Gaeta Customer Service Desk Tel.  DSN 626-8357, Comm.  081-568-8357
Connect with us:
For more details, please visit here.


NEX and Mini-Mart

Navy Exchange Retail Customer Services Available:
  • Western Union
  • Euro to Dollar Exchange
  • Dollar to Euro Exchange
  • Pay Rent
  • Pay Vodafone
  • Home Gas Coupon Purchasing
  • Schedule House Gas Delivery
  • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
  • Patches Sewn
  • NEX Gift Cards
  • Navy Exchange Payments
  • VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, NEX cards accepted 
Phone Number
+39 077-146-6252
Hours (MTW in port)
  • Sunday           Closed​
  • Monday         1030-1800​
  • Tuesday         1000-1730​
  • Wednesday    1300-1800
  • Thursday        1000-1730​
  • Friday             1030-1800​
  • Saturday         0900-1400​
Hours (MTW out of port)
  • Mon-Fri           1000-1730​

Post Office

Building #752
Post Office Points of Contact:
USPS Postal Clerk
(+39) 081-568-8361 (commercial)
                  314-626-8361 (DSN)
Services provided:
  • Priority mail services
  • SAM mail services (as applicable)
  • First Class Mail Services
  • First Class boxes/envelopes
  • USPS Tracking assistance
  • Mail Receptacles (Active Duty and Retirees*)
  • MPS Mail (as applicable)
  • Money order purchasing (debit card only)
  • No overnight service
  • Only credit/debit cards accepted (no cash)
  • U.S. and International Forever Stamps
 *Active duty personnel and U.S. Retirees stationed in Gaeta will receive one mail receptacle; restrictions may apply.
Hours of Operation
1000-1600 M-F 
1000-1300 (Every Third Thursday of the month)
Closed on U.S. Holidays (and DONSAs)


Public Works

Facilities Management and Investment
 Sustainment, restoration and modernization of equipment, repair, alteration, inspection, testing certification, demolition, construction, and other recurring work. Service calls for non-recurring work.

Services Provided
Custodial, pest control, solid waste, grounds maintenance and landscaping, pavement clearance, wastewater, water, and environmental.
PWD Gaeta
(+39) 081-568-8304 (commercial)
          314-626-8304 (DSN)

PWD Gaeta Emergency Cell Phone
(+39) 337-128-8994
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
7:30am – 4:00pm
(Closed Saturdays and Sundays)



Security LCPO 
(+39) 081-568-8364 (commercial)
          314 626-8364 (DSN)
Security Department LPO
(+39) 081-568-8337 (commercial)
          314 626-8337 (DSN)
Chief of the Guard
(+39) 081-568-8376 (commercial)
(+39) 331-620-7037 (duty phone)
          314 626-8376 (DSN)
ECP Front Gate
(+39) 081-568-8344 (commercial)
          314 626-8344 (DSN)
Hours of Operation


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