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Motor Vehicle Registration Office

Motor Vehicle Registration Office, Sigonella, Italy, Europe.

About Us: The MVRO team of Sigonella provides full service concerning motor vehicles registration, issuing AFI driver licences, take care of stolen vehicles or stolen plates. Denationalize vehicles, shipping and dispose, transfer of ownership, manage fuel ration, and much more, in order support to the entire Sigonella community and beyond.

 Please see below for more information about our services.


Location: Building 724, NAS II, First Floor

Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 0800-1200; 1300-1600

Closed for Training Monthly, but will be announced in the All Hands E-mail prior to.


+39 095-86-5275/6171



(314) 624-5275/6171




VPC: 624-5413 Mobile: 095-86-5413

NASSIG Auto Port

(Vehicle Safety Inspection) DSN: 624-2814 Mobile: 095-86-2814


Mvro Assistance: informations on all procedures regarding motor vehicles registrations, issuing AFI licences, and liasons with Italian customs.

Eligibility: SPONSOR: Active Duty on Pcs orders - DoD Civilians – Contractors – Nato personnel (not Italian Nato personnel)

The CMVRO system maintained by the office automatically generates an email notification prior vehicle documentation expiration dates.     

If the documentation is expired more than 30 days your account is automatically suspended for 14 days. 

Which means, if all of the documentation is not up to date, you will run the risk of having an expired registration.  

Also, the MVRO clerks cannot activate your entitled gas rations until all of the documentation is received.  

If you do not intend on receiving your tax free fuel, that is your choice, however our system still has to be updated.  

Please understand that it takes 14 days to get an override for accounts expired past 30 days.

Buy and Sell


Please ensure you have the following documents readily available for your appointment:

  • Copy of your Orders (Military), DoCPers Letter and LOA/Orders (Contractor), Logistical Support Letter and LOA/Orders (Civilians)

  • Military/ Civilian/ Contractor CAC

  • Valid State Side or country Driver’s License

  • AFI Driver’s License

  • Proof of Insurance

After appointment add the AFI and vehicle plates to Italian Insurance document for USAA.

  • GEICO-Clements's policies can be arranged online or over the phone (website). You will need your Codice Fiscale. They will email your policy to the MVRO with your permission.

Passed Safety Inspection- Must have been completed between 60 days prior to sale.

  ****LIEN RELEASE****

  • If there is a lien on the vehicle (identified on the registration) the seller is required to provide a written authorization letter from the Financial Institution acknowledging that all liens are satisfied.

AFI “COVER PLATES” are required to stay on the vehicle.

Applicable Fees:

  • 5 Euro one time registration fee.  Exact change, no checks accepted!

  • 2nd or 3rd Duty-free Vehicles requires  payment of  Italian Road Taxes

  • Taxes are based on vehicle horse power and age – the older the vehicle / larger the engine the more you will pay in road taxes

  • Road taxes are transferable to the new owner but must be registered as 2nd or 3rd vehicle

  •  Annual Rates for automobiles range from 150 – 500 Euro.


  • The Sponsor must complete all MVRO transactions, exceptions can be made for a Family member with a valid Power of Attorney!   

  • Buy and Sell transactions require an appointment, both buyer and seller need to show.

  • Unfortunately there is no way to refund road taxes that have been paid in advance.

  • You are only authorized three (3) vehicles registered at one time.


In order to find out about your vehicle’s arrival please contact VPC at DSN 624-5413, Com 095-86-5413. Unfortunately, you cannot register your vehicle until it physically arrives at the VPC and clears Italian Customs. Once your vehicle arrives, you need to make an appointment with MVRO to obtain registration and license plates prior to picking up your vehicle at the VPC.

An appointment is required for registration.

Please ensure you have the following documents readily available on the appointment day:

  • Valid original Vehicle Title/Certificate of Origin or previous Registration in owner’s name.  If title or registration is in the dependent’s name, the sponsor will need to bring him/her to MVRO so a Bill of Sale can be accomplished. 

  • Proof of insurance -

    • Insurance must be in the Sponsor’s name and valid for minimum of six months.

    • Failure to maintain insurance will be sufficient grounds for immediate termination of registration, driving privileges, and may result in disciplinary actions.

    • MVRO cannot issue the registration and/or plates until an insurance document is provided it is required by Italian law is provided. No exceptions.

    • If you are USAA insured, you must contact the Company to establish the new policy before reporting to MVRO. USAA will e-mail the policy to MVRO with your permission. Policy arrangements via phone at MVRO are allowed.

    • GEICO-Clements's policies can be arranged online or over the phone (website). You will need your Codice Fiscale. They will email your policy to the MVRO with your permission.

  • AFI Driver’s License and Copy of State-Side Driver’s License

  • Military - ID and PCS orders

  • Civilian - ID and Logistical Support – Contractors are required to provide a valid DOCPER letter, Civilians

  • GS are required to provide Orders.


  • 5 Euro one time registration fee.  Exact change, no checks accepted!

  • 2nd or 3rd Duty-free Vehicles requires  payment of  Italian Road Taxes

  • Taxes are based on vehicle horsepower and age – the older the vehicle / larger the engine the more you will pay in road taxes Annual Rates for automobiles range from 150 – 500 Euro.


  • Up to 200 liters of Fuel rations per month can be authorized on the normal ration as an advance, provided that the sponsor presents to MVRO proof of a vehicle being shipped at government expenses and a rental car contract.

  • The Sponsor must complete all MVRO transactions, exceptions can be made for a Family member with a valid Power of Attorney!

  • You must obtain a safety inspection After your appointment.


Denationalization Process



IMPORTANT:  the registration process is divided in 3 steps taking place on 3 separate occasions.

  1. STEP 1.      POLICE CHECK- Email the Italian Registration (libretto) (front and back and a copy of the title of the vehicle) Important that both documents have the same owner on them.  On the back of the registration it has to show a valid Revisione, Certificate of property, and the sponsor’s orders.  MVRO will then conduct a Police Check, if the check is good, then we will schedule your second appointment.

  2. STEP 2.      VIN CHECK- You need to come in with the Owner of the Vehicle and the vehicle you are purchasing.  Service member will Sponsor the vehicle owner and vehicle on base at the NAS II Pass & I.D. Office. Note that in order for the vehicle to enter the base it must have valid insurance (Italian Owner Policy) or be escorted on base on the back of a tow truck.  Conduct a safety inspection at the NEX Auto Port prior to the appointment. A physical VIN check will be conducted at MVRO to ensure all the information matches.

    • The vehicle owner will be given an authorization letter to proceed to conduct all the documentation at the agency on the local economy. Please note: 200 EURO fees are associated with this transaction (this payment is between the buyer and the seller)

  3. STEP 3.    REGISTRATION AND PLATE ISSUE- MVRO will provide Plates and AFI, please be sure to bring:

    • Copy of your Orders (Military) and DOCPER Letter (Contractor)/Logistical Support Letter (Civilian)

    • Military/Civilian CAC

    •  Valid State Side Driver’s License

    •  Italian Translation License

    •  Safety Inspection (Passed)

    • The Italian Documents needed from the Local National: 

      • Bill of Sale

      • Visura Document

      • EX1 Document

      • Cancelation Document (If QR is provided please follow the directions to obtain the official documentation)

Applicable Fees :

  • 5 Euro one time registration fee. 

  • 2nd or 3rd Duty-free Vehicles requires payment of Italian Road Taxes.


  • During the Denationalization process the vehicle will not have license please ensure it is in a safe location.

  •  Only Sponsors with AFI vehicle registration privileges conduct all transactions at MVRO. A spouse can take care of them only if in possession of a Special POA!  Please be aware that even in this case the vehicle will be registered in the sponsor’s name and ensure the documents provided to MVRO for the registration are in the sponsor’s name.


L’immatricolazione di veicoli italiani acquistati da personale militare o civile di questo Comando e` da destinare al Sistema AFI e avviene come segue:

  1. Appuntamento: Per accertarsi che il veicolo non sia di provenienza furtive, si effettua un contollo presso i terminali della Polizia di Stato. A tal fine il venditore e` tenuto a consegnare al compratore in originale o fotocopia il Libretto di Circolazione e il Certificato di Proprieta`.

    • Su entrambi I documenti DEVE essere presente lo stesso nominativo e assicurarsi che la revisione sia ancora valida.

    • Se la verifica risulta negativa, si fissa un secondo appuntamento dopo due giorni.

  2. Appuntamento: A questo punto, il veicolo deve essere condotto in base per effettuare presso l’Autoport una Safety Inspection. Il mezzo per aver accesso alla base deve essere assicurato, altrimenti occorre fornirsi di un carro attrezzi. Dopo, all’MVRO si condurra` un controllo del telaio. Se i controlli risultano nella norma, il venditore ricevera` un modulo con i dati del compratore, con cui andare, presso qualsiasi agenzia disbrigo pratiche automobilistiche, a richiedere: Visura al PRA, Atto di Vendita (n.b non sul retro del CdP) o, nel caso in cui il venditore sia un concessionario, l’Atto di Vendita sara` sostituito dalla Fattura.

    • Prima di procedure alla radiazione per esportazione, il venditore deve recarsi presso gli uffici doganali del Porto di Catania, dove tramite uno spedizioniere otterra` una Bolletta doganale di Esportazione EX1.  Per poter radiare il veicolo, il venditore dovra` rimuovere le targhe dal mezzo.

  3. Appuntamento: Solo il compratore si rechera` all’MVRO per registrare il mezzo nel Sistema AFI con i documenti fornitigli dal venditore in originale.



  1. An appointment is required, please contact our office to schedule.

  2. MVRO personnel must inspect the vehicle prior to turn-in to ensure the VIN number is correct.

  3. Vehicle keys and documents must be turned into the MVRO at the time of scrapping.

MVRO Disposal Lot is located behind the HAZMAT building past the flight line.


Under no circumstances, just leave your vehicle.

  • The AFI registered owner or person with Power of Attorney is responsible for removing and cleaning the license plates prior to turning them into MVRO.

  • Before leaving your car, make sure all personal property has been removed.


  • All services are free, and MVRO is the only Legal way to dispose of your vehicle.

  • Vehicle must be intact, no missing parts!  Selling the parts off your vehicle prior to scrapping is not authorized. Prior to turn-in the vehicle must not be missing an engine, transmission, tires, etc.

  • If this is a secondary vehicle the road taxes must be up to date. Unfortunately there is no way to refund road taxes that have been paid in advance.

  • Owners are responsible for all towing fees.

  • The owner is required to coordinate with the Pass and ID office prior to escorting a commercial tow truck on the installation.


Definition of a Motorcycle:

A motorcycle is a two wheels vehicle with the exception of Quads with minimum size engine of 50 cubic centimeters.  Regardless of the individual’s circumstances all motorcycles must be registered in the AFI System. Failure to register your motorcycle and pay applicable road taxes will result in the removal of your Tax-free fuel privileges.

Documents needed to drive a motorcycle:

Please ensure you contact the Motorcycle Safety Office Coordinator, at 624- 5360/6266.

  • Motorcycle endorsement on a valid State Side License (If applicable) OR Basic Riders Course (5 Year expiration)

    • Advance Riders Course required 1 year after registration.

Documents needed to register your motorcycle in the AFI system:

  • Copy of your Orders (Military), DoCPers Letter and LOA/Orders (Contractor), Logistical Support Letter and LOA/Orders (Civilians)

  • Military/ Civilian/ Contractor CAC

  • Valid State Side or Country Driver’s License

  • AFI Driver’s License

  • Proof of Insurance

  • Passed Safety Inspection (sales)

  • Copy of the Title, Last registration, Certificate of Conformity.

  • Invoice ( for vehicle coming through custom or dealer) 

  • If it has been processed through Customs, you will need the T-1 Document or IM7 Document.

  • Certificate of property (Moped under 50cc not required)

  • Memo from Personal Property Office if shipped in House Hold Goods.

  • Shipping Document if shipped through a commercial shipping company.

Applicable Fees:


  • 5 Euro one time registration fee. Exact Change, no checks accepted!

  •  2nd or 3rd Duty-free Vehicles requires payment of Italian Road Taxes


Motorcycle endorsement or BRC is required prior to purchasing a motorcycle!


-Gas card rations for your vehicle will be started once all required documentation is received for your vehicle(s) that is/are registered.


-Expiration of your safety inspection on vehicles. -

-Failure to pay road taxes or provide proof of payment.

-Failure to provide proof of insurance or renewed one.

-Expired Registration

Gas REACTIVATION will be done once all documents needed have been submitted to MVRO. After reactivation you will need to go to the NEX office to obtain a new gas card. 

Member MUST be sure to email updated vehicle insurance and safety inspection to the MVRO Office.

-Safety inspections are based on the year of your vehicle ask a clerk about the year chart.

-You ONLY pay road taxes on your secondary and tertiary vehicle, NOT PRIMARY.

-Road Taxes are due annually paid in 12 month increment unless there is an extenuating circumstance contact MVRO for further information. You are only allowed to register (3) vehicles in the CMVRO system at a time. If you ship, dispose, or sell, one of the vehicles and plan on purchasing another vehicle, please call a minimum of one day prior to request a vehicle unlock.

-You receive a gas card only for your primary vehicle. However, all vehicles MUST be in compliance with NASSIGINST 5514.3 to avoid fuel rations being deactivated.

-Your gas card can only be used at ENI gas stations (but ask first before they pump).

-There is a 5 EURO registration fee per vehicle you register.

-If registering a secondary vehicle be prepared to pay road tax at community bank.

-Ensure after you attend the safety drivers course you call and make an appointment with MVRO to receive your AFI license (be sure to bring your safety data sheet).


-ONLY given for dire emergencies

-A member cannot receive a POA if they have 3 vehicles already registered, or if they do not have a vehicle registered at all.

-POA for AFI Registered vehicles are valid for 90 days.

-After consultation at the MVRO Office both parties need to complete a POA at the NLSO and provide a copy to MVRO.

-All vehicle documents cannot expire within the 90 days



Ensure you have the following documents readily available for your appointment:

  • ID Card & AFI Driver License (EU License and translation for NATO personnel)

  • Proof of Insurance:  Must be in the Sponsors name and valid.

  • Safety Inspection

  • Previous AFI Registration

  • Current copy of orders, extension letter/ logistical support letter/DoCPers Letter.

Applicable Fees:

  • 2nd or 3rd Duty-free Vehicles require annual payment of Italian Road Taxes. Request voucher via email at


  • Your registration must be renewed even if the vehicle is inoperative or not in use!

  • The Sponsor must complete all MVRO transactions, exceptions can be made for a family member with a valid Power of Attorney!

Documentation can be emailed to;  All registrations must be signed and picked at the MVRO!


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