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Indoctrination Class

The Base INDOC class is mandatory training for active duty military. All active duty military must attend the first 2 days of INDOC class. Navy Pride and Professionalism (NP&P) training is required for Navy and Marines. SigSafe is required for active duty military members age 25 and under.

***Appointments during INDOC, NP&P and SigSafe are not authorized***

As soon as new personnel know their arrival date to Sigonella please send the following information to register for Base INDOC:

(If married please send us the spouses name if they will be attending Base INDOC)

Last Name First Name  Rate/ Rank  Arrival Date  Command  Marital Status  # of Dependents Under the age of 18 Email  Phone Number  Sponsor  Sponsors e-mail  Sponsors Phone 


(For updates or questions please use this e-mail.  They will be addressed in the order that they are received by the Base Education & Training Staff)

Naval Air Station Sigonella Indoctrination is an introduction to the base, its facilities and the services available to you and your family.  This class provides many tips for enjoying the most out of your tour here.  You will hear from several guest speakers about what to expect and the steps to be successful while in Sicily.  This information is put together to best answer the questions you have throughout your relocation process.

INDOC class is 2 working days that begin at 0800 (please arrive NLT 0750).  Keep in mind that American and Italian holidays can affect the schedule. 

INDOC is scheduled in conjunction with the Intercultural Relations (ICR) Program which is hosted by the Fleet and Family Support Center.  ICR runs a total of 3 days and includes up to 2 day trips to the nearby cities of Catania and Motta S. Anastasia, (weather and time permitting).  ICR helps assist you during your transition into a very different culture.  You will learn useful Italian words, phrases, major cultural differences, important historical and modern facts of the country.  You will receive tips you can apply to your lifestyle in order to lessen the cultural shock you may experience. 

Civilians are highly encouraged to attend.  The information put out throughout the entire program is necessary for you to know in order to make your transition to Sigonella successful and without incident.  INDOC will leave a positive impact on your level of awareness and help you get started here in Sicily.

INDOC Coordinator POC
DSN: 624-4696 or COMM: 01139-095-56-4696

Base Education and Training Office:
DSN: 624-4516 / 624-4696  or COMM: 01139-095-56-4516 / 01139-095-56-4696 

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