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Air Terminal


Welcome to the Naval Air Station Sigonella's website. Whether you are traveling as a passenger, shipping cargo or looking for a Space-A opportunities, we hope that you will find the information in this web site useful to you. Our goal is to provide you the information you need. The Air Terminal operates 24hrs/7 days. We welcome any suggestions you may have to improve our website and its contents.

Customer Conveniences

Terminal amenities: WIFI, baggage carts, ATM close Air Terminal, Chock full o'Nuts cafeteria 624-6025 located next to the Passenger Terminal (Mon-Fri 06:30-14:30, Sat-Sun Closed), NAS II Galley 624-5738(open Mon. to Fri.) Big Al's 624-5245 located on NAS II (open Mon- Fri), nursery lounge located inside the air terminal, numerous vending machines for soda and assorted snacks ,water fountains available inside the terminal area, car rental NEX close to the Air Terminal. Flight schedule Information 24h/7. Passenger Service Center 24h/7. USO is available in the Air Terminal.

Air Travel:  Space - A

What is Space-A? Space-A is a short for " space available " travel on government owned or contracted. Under the Space-A program, eligible passengers can fill unused seats on DOD aircraft once all the duty passengers have been accommodated. Space-A passengers should be prepared with sufficient financial resources for cost of lodging and alternative transportation should seats not be available.

Air Travel - Space-A Sign Up

Space-A passengers registration may be done in person at the Passenger Terminal or remote Sign Up. Remote Space-A sign up may be accomplished in one of three ways: fax, e-mail or mail. The following information is required:

  • Last name, First name, Middle name
  • Rank/Grade
  • DOD ID number (Option)
  • Branch of service
  • Start/Stop dates of leave (Active duty)
  • Category (I thru VI)
  • Number of seats needed
  • Destinations (up to five may be chosen)
  • Name, DOD ID number and passports (option) of any dependents who will be flying with you.

IAW AMCI 24-101 V.14 Ref. 11.1.3: Passenger Terminals are not authorized to recommend/advertise any third party Space-A sign-up service. (Example: It is not authorized to place a link for a commercial/civilian Space-A website on a passenger terminal's website and/or AMC Gram or to verbally recommend passenger sign-up via such a site.)

Please ensure that ALL required information on this form is filled! Without this information, a sign up will not be valid. The internet is not secure! Please do not pass any information that you do not wish known. If you do so, you accept liability for disclosure of said information. If there are problems, someone may need to contact for more information, please provide the following non-essential data for this purpose.

  • E-mail address:
  • Home Phone:
  • Duty phone:

Basis for date/time of sign-up. Fax. The fax header data shall establish date/time of sign-up. Email. The email header data shall establish date/time of sign-up. Mail. The date and time received at the PSC counter shall establish date/time of sign up. Internet. The system shall determine date/time of sign-up.

When utilizing remote sign-up the passenger is required to identify their station of assignment (the local area where their leave officially starts/ends) or state/country of residence on the request. This is to ensure PSA's have the information necessary to adjust date/time of sign-up in regards to time zone differences.

Space - A Sign-Up Request

E-mail contact:

Thank you for your interest in traveling under space available program. Your request for space available registration has been received. You are now registered in our system for space available travel. Please keep your e-mail or fax printout as your confirmation. If you did not provide your DOD ID number or passport your registration record can be located by your last name. Your record will be updated with your DOD ID number or passport on the day of travel.

Uniformed service members on active duty MUST be in a leave status or pass to register for space available travel, remain in a leave or pass status while awaiting travel and be in leave or pass status the entire period of travel. DOD civilian employees, when afforded space available privileges MUST be in a leave or non-duty ( i.e. week-end or holiday) status to register for space available travel.

Command Sponsorship letter: if the travel has not been completed within 90 days of the issuance date a new document is required. The letter is valid for one round trip.

All dependents 10 years or older MUST have military I.D. cards. Depending on the destination, active duty military travelers may also require a passport.

Have a great day!!!

The Sigonella's Passenger Service Team

Air Travel:  Show Time

Passengers are requested to check-in not later than 2 hours and 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Passengers who show up after the show time will be accommodated only after everyone that was taken care of, regardless of their category or date of sign up. Make sure you are 'travel ready' for immediate processing when you arrive at the passenger service counter.

AMC Information

Sigonella AMC GRAM


Pets may only travel with passengers in PCS status. Movement of pets on organic mission is prohibited. A reservation through the Travel Office is required. Pets are defined as cats and or dog s only. A total of two pets can be booked per family. The maximum weight ( pet and cage) cannot exceed 150 lbs.

AMC has institute a space available pet program that now afford PCS passengers the opportunity to move more than two pets per family on commercial contracted flights. Fifth- teen days prior to flight departure , any pet space that are showing open in the Reservation System to travelers who already have two pet spaces booked. Transportation Office will contact 618 TACC/XOGG to arrange the additional space.

The sponsor is responsible to ensure pets are shipped only in IATA approved pet carriers. The container must provide adequate ventilation to pet to stand up, turn around and lie down with normal posture and body movement. The maximum number of pets allowed in the cabin is three. Soft -sided pet containers shall be accepted in-cabin. Kennels must be no larger than 20L*16W*8H.

The sponsor is responsible for complying with all documentation, immunization and border clearance requirements.

What To Know! What To Bring and What Not To Bring

Travel attire

Unless otherwise directed by your command or service, appropriate civilian attire can be worn on any aircrafts. Use good judgment and common sense to ensure clothing is safe and in good taste.

  • Passenger wishing to travel should not wear:
  • Open-toe shoes (sandals)
  • Revealing clothes
  • Tattered clothing

Baggage Allowance

Each Space-A passenger is authorized two pieces of baggage not to exceed 70 pounds. The sum of linear measurements ( length /width/height) must not exceed 62 linear inches. Do not place valuables, medicine or important documents in your checked baggage. Be sure your name and address are on and inside your baggage. Baggage I.D. tags are available at the passenger check-in counter.

Carry-on baggage

Each passenger is authorized on carry-on bag that cannot exceed 45 linear inches. Carry-on bag must fit securely under the seat or in the overhead compartment, if available.

Space-A passengers are not allowed Excess Baggage.

Space-A passengers are not allowed to transport Pets.

Prohibited items -> please refer to

Consult the AMC site for more information.

NATO Travel

Navy/AMC passenger terminal shall require passengers to present NATO travel order in addition to official travel order IAW FCG to prevent border clearance violations. NATO travel orders are only required for US military personnel traveling on official orders from one NATO country to another NATO country. NATO orders are not required when transiting a NATO country to get to a non- NATO country.

Passenger service terminals will deny travel to any passengers who are not in compliance with NATO documentation.

Flight Schedule

Flight schedules may only be viewed from authorized government computers. Any information that would reveal movements of military assets is not to be put on public web pages.

IAW AMCI 24-101 v.14 ref. 22.3 the following information may be given out in excess of 72 hours prior to arrival/departure.

Arrivals:  by telephone, recorder, e-mail, fax, in person o mail: number of scheduled arrivals from a particular station (no arrival/estimated passenger pick-up, date or time).

By military access only websites: date, station arriving from and estimated passengers pick up time.

Departure:  by telephone, recorder, e-mail, fax, in person or mail: number of scheduled departures by destination with no specific dates and expected seats available.

By military access only websites: date, passenger show time, destinations and expected seats available

Contact Us

We would like to hear from you concerning your travel issues.

Air Terminal phone numbers:

Air Terminal Manager
DSN: (314) 624-5987 
Comm: +39-095-86-5987

Air Terminal Officer
DSN:(314) 624-2358
Comm: +39-095-86-2358

Passenger Service 
DSN: (314) 624-5576/6725/5575/2761 
Comm: +39-095-86-5576/6725/5575/2761

FAX numbers
DSN: (314) 624-6726 
Comm: +39-095-86-6726

Command Post/ATOC 
DSN: (314) 624-2748/6730/5371 
Comm: +39-095-86-2748/6730/5371

Loadplanning DSN: (314) 624-6935/2336 

Military mailing address 

DSN:318 - 439- 9591







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