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Sponsorship Information

Congratulations on your orders to Naval Air Station Sigonella or one of our tenant commands. 

Pre-Arrival Checklist

  1. Read and understand your orders. Ask your chain of command if you need help.
  2. Connect with your sponsor:
    a) For NAS Sigonella sponsors email:
    b) Hospital Sponsor e-mail:
    c) AIMD Sponsor e-mail:
    d) CTF 67 Sponsor e-mail:  
    e) AFN  Sponsor POC and e-mail:  MC2 ALVAREZ   
    f) NCTS Sponsor e-mail:  
    g) PSD Sponsor e-mail:  BENJAMIN.NUNEZ@EU.NAVY.MIL 
    h) NAVSUP Sponsor e-mail:
    i) PWD Sponsor e-mail:
    j) CNE DET MAST Sponsor e-mail: 
    k) NMC DET SIG Sponsor e-mail: 
    l) EODMU 8 Sponsor e-mail: 
    m) PMO DT SIGONELLA Sponsor e-mail:   
  3. Obtain your tourist passport if planning to travel outside of Italy.
  4. Dependents: Start Visa Process
  5. Ensure your U.S. driver’s license is valid.

Please check out our "Welcome to Sigonella" guide to smooth your transition into the Sigonella Community and serve as your installation phonebook. You can also check out the rules of the road here in Europe using the "European Road Guide."

For housing information to include living out on the economy or on the base, please click here. For incoming personnel who will be staying on family based housing please review the Housing Guide.

NAS Sigonella Command Sponsorship Coordinator:
AZ1 William R. Henderson
DSN: 314-624-4696/4516 
Sponsor Team Email:
To request a sponsor please click here.

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