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Area Orientation

Ready, Set, Go! What you need to start living in Italy
NSA Naples Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) conducts bi-weekly in-person AO at the Support Site. Once you arrive in Naples, you will begin your experience at the Support Site Movie Theater by having lunch and being welcomed by the CO and other Quality of Life departments. You’ll get a sense of what living in Italy is like from our Intercultural Relations (ICR) specialists. We’ll then take you on an experiential tour of nearby locations. The tour is designed to peak your interests regarding services available and the vibrant culture that Naples offers.  
Prior to your arrival, there are some things we can work on that will help with your successful transition. We recommend that you register with our team, so we can assist with a smooth process in collaboration with your Sponsor. Your sponsor will play a key role in helping you navigate the steps for coming to Naples. Registration can be completed via email/phone. The command, assigned sponsor, or the newcomer may initiate the sign up via the AO Coordinators at by calling +39 335-848-4641 or DSN 314-629-6945; Commercial (+39 081-811-6945). If for some reason, you are already in Naples and have not been able to sign up yet and work on pre-arrival items, please stop by the Support Site FFSC, located on the 1st floor of the Navy Lodge, so we can assist.
AO OFFICE DSN: 629-6945; 081-811-6945
Buongiorno e benvenuti a Napoli in bella Italia!  I would like to officially welcome you to Naples, Italy and to our Area Orientation (AO)!  The entire AO team and your individual sponsor are here to help you smoothly transition to this new duty station.  Our goal is to provide the services you need, the way you need them, and when you need them.  The online AO website is designed to help you prior to and even after arrival.  Please use it, along with your sponsor, to access all the necessary paperwork and information.  I hope it gives you a sense of what things will be like when you get to Naples.  Our experts are here to help you make this transition smooth and efficient.
On this page are the latest AO updates and a pre-arrival checklist you can start working on now.  If you take the time to fill it out, and submit all of the recommended paperwork, you will be well prepared when you arrive.  Further down are video presentations and PowerPoint briefs that explain many of the services and organizations we have available.  After you arrive, our interactive in-person AO will introduce you to even more resources to help you quickly and successfully get settled so you can start enjoying your new tour in Bella Napoli!
If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please reach out to your sponsor or our Area Orientation team.  The AO team can be reached at by calling +39 335-848-4641 or DSN 314-629-6945; Commercial. 081-811-6945. They are located inside the Fleet and Family Support Center on the 1st floor of the Navy Lodge.  Benvenuti a Napoli!
Very Respectfully,
Capt. James W. Stewart
Commanding Officer
Naval Support Activities Naples


Area Orientation updates as of 15 May 2022

We are pleased to announce that in-person rotator pick-ups have returned for newly arriving community members at the Capo Air Terminal.  As such, large bus service to the Navy Lodge at Support Site is no longer necessary, and a new – more personalized and reimbursable– service is available.  Sponsors and Commands can utilize this new service immediately, starting with the next rotator, which is set to arrive this weekend, Nov. 13/14.

The face-to-face welcome and support that Sponsors provide is critical to getting newcomers quickly settled, but we realize not all Sponsors have enough vehicle space for new families and their luggage, pets, etc.  To ensure adequate resources are available to Sponsors, NSA Naples has coordinated base access for the taxi service “Muto Travel”.  Sponsors should make arrangements in advance at +39-339-161-8395 or +39-366-521-6413, or  As an additional service, the NSA Naples Public Works Department will provide utility vans for excess luggage and pet crates, based on the # of passengers traveling on the rotator.  This “free to newcomers” service will help ease the burden of these bulkier items, while Commands and Sponsors ensure Sailors and their families get the proper welcome they deserve.
Finally, we understand anything can happen, so our USO volunteer family has graciously committed to helping new arrivals get in touch with Sponsors if the Sponsor is delayed while getting to the Capo air terminal.  As always, your Command Sponsors are the key to making sure our newest community members get off to the right start.  NSA Naples is proud to continue serving each of you, and we hope these options and services make it easier to provide first-class service to our Sailors and their families.

Medical Department

The medical department is located on the Gricignano Support Site Base.  The hospital is available to support all your medical and dental needs for you and your family.

POC: 081-811-6209 / DSN 314-629-6209





Transaction Service Center (TSC)

TSC, previously known as PSD, is located in Admin I of the Capodichino Base and Logistic Specialists (LSs) are available to service all your pay or incentive issues.  CAC ID replacement is available.

POC: 081-568-5050 / DSN 314-626-5050






Housing Brief

Housing is located in two buildings on the Gricignano Support Site Base. They are here to facilitate your on base or economy move.  Staff will be able to help you from the time you arrive in Naples until you are fully moved in to your rental.

POC: 081-811-4930 / DSN 314-629-4930


Housing Read Aheads-Welcome, Realtors, TLA

Housing Application Forms-At AO


Sojourners Permit

Sojourner Permits are obtained in Admin II of the Capodichino Base at the RLSO.  The office will be able to facilitate any Sojourner applications needed for your family members and you.

POC: 081-568-4576 / DSN 314-626-4576

Worksheet & Checklist

Passport SAMPLE

  1. SAMPLE - Civilian Passport - Page 26-27
  2. SAMPLE - MIL Dep Passport - Page 26-27
  3. SAMPLE - CIV Dep Passport - Page 26-27



The Safety Department is located in Admin III of the Capodichino Base. They provide safety measures for driving, outdoor activities, and private/social group events.

POC: 081-568-3147 / DSN 314-626-3147





Motor Vehicle Registration Office

MVRO is located on the Gricignano Support Site Base. They will issue your license. They also inspect and register your motor vehicle.

POC: 081-811-6876 / DSN 314-629-6876





The Tricare office is located in the hospital on Gricignano Support Site Base.  They provide military members and their family with support and questions regarding medical coverage needs.

POC: 081-811-6330 / DSN 314-629-6330




Emergency Management (EM) & OPSEC

The EM office is located on the Capodichino base in the air terminal basement. They provide AtHoc registration and CBR fittings to all active duty Navy personnel.

POC: 081-568-5303 / DSN 314-626-5303





Personal Property

The Personal Property office is located on the Gricignano Support Site Base on the 1st floor of the Navy Lodge.  They will assist with your on-base/economy move for your personal property.

POC: 081-811-6950 / DSN 314-629-6950





DoDEA Schools

The DoDEA Elementary and High Schools are located on the Gricignano Support Site Base.  They have a link to be able to complete school registration:

POC: 081-811-6549 / DSN 314-629-6549



School Liaison Officer (Video)


NSA Naples Religious Ministries






Additional Brief

American Red Cross (ARC)
Community Bank
Fleet & Family Support Center (VIDEO)
Fleet & Family Support Center slides
MWR briefs
MWR AO Brief
MWR Go! slide
Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

USO Naples Video

Naples WIC Overseas Presentation
College Offices
Region Legal Services Office (RLSO) EURAFCENT slides
SERVICES Forms/Documents
AFN App (Video)
Environmental slides
Fire Safety Video
Fire Prevention slides
InterCultural Relations slides
InterCultural Relations  (Video)
Naples Public Health Evaluation (NPHE)
Navy Exchange - Residential Services
NSA Security Personal Property Crime Prevention
NSA Naples Operational Security (OPSEC) brief
NSA Naples Public Health Evaluation Enduring Process (Video)
NSA Naples Public Works Department Environmental Brief
Ombudsman AO Slides 
Personal Electronic Use
Postal Services brief
Post Office (Video)
Preventative Medicine AO Slides
Religious Ministries slides
Victim Legal Counselor (Video)
Security Anti-Terrorism Level 1 Brief
  1. CYP Program Registration
  2. FAQs Regarding Dependents’ Ability to Work in Italy
  3. Ombudsman Roster
  4. Post Office Form
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